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Venture Academy provides help for troubled teens in Canada including troubled teens who are experiencing family conflict, negative peers, school suspensions, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, drug and alcohol abuse, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), Conduct Disorder, anxiety, depression, other clinically diagnosed disorders and other significant behavioural challenges.

I'm a Psychologist and my child attended Venture Academy...

  • Psychologist
    I am a Psychologist and I chose Venture Academy for my child because Venture Academy offers a high quality wrap around service that other programs don't offer. Visiting a counseling office once a week or even twice isn't going to be enough for your child. They need a number of team members working in different roles with your child and they need to be removed from their home community stressors. Our son graduated from Venture Academy in 2010. Our son has overcome significant drug use, failing in school and completely moving out of relationship with us as parents. Our son is now in University, working, enjoying family time and is drug free. We are so grateful to the team.
    Psychologist Mom
  • Psychiatrist
    When we came to the conclusion that our son's needs had overwhelmed our ability to parent him, we were devastated. Through conversations with friends we found out about Venture and within days a placement was secured in the thirty day assessment program. For such a long time we had been running on adrenaline, dealing with crises and high emotion without time to react and plan our approach to support our son. The decision to enroll our son was taken suddenly, in the midst of crisis, while there was a window of motivation on his part. Knowing that he had gone to a safe, family-based program rather than an institution was comforting to us. During the first thirty days we really put our trust in the treating team at Venture. I believe that it was what allowed us to have the time and distance to think about what we needed and wanted for our family. It enabled our son to be free from the unhealthy environment, peers and choices that had contributed to his illness. It allowed our intense emotions to settle so that we could begin to rebuild a healthier relationship with our boy. I don't think that we had the skills to communicate in a different way in those early days. Now that our son is home with us again I am amazed at his growth and maturity. We are forever grateful that the staff and families of Venture were there for us when we needed them.
  • Education Assistant
    I am an Education Assistant and I chose Venture Academy twice for my family. As a professional in the lower mainland in the education field, I have knowledge of a number of local programs. I tried a number of interventions in our community and nothing worked. My daughter was struggling in school and in many other areas of her life. My daughter has learning difficulties and it is so awesome that the teaching staff at VA are trained in helping kids that struggle in school. It is refreshing to connect with my daughters teacher and have her using strategies that I myself use in the classroom with my students. As a blended family, we had one of our older sons attend Venture Academy a number of years ago. He did very well and continues to do so but this is actually why we chose Venture Academy the second time. Venture Academy offers something that seems to be lacking in other programs, including US based programs, that I explored and that is the warm, caring, attachment / host parent model What a wonderful program.
    Education Assistant
  • School Principal
    After months of meetings with professionals from the public health system (I documented a total of 21 professionals involved during a 16 months period), my husband and I were without hope for our troubled son's future... We were about to give up when we heard about Venture Academy. Within one week, our son was in their care. We were impressed with how quickly the Venture team responded. Six months later, our son was transformed back to who he used to be: a caring and intelligent person. We can't say enough how this decision has been a life saver for our son, and to our whole family. We are very grateful to Venture's staff for bringing our son back to us.
    School Principal
  • Physician
    I chose Venture Academy because I knew I did not have the skills to help my son find his path; Venture Academy made my dream come true and returned my son to me.
    DM Physician
  • Clinician, Registered Nurse
    Venture Academy saved our daughter's life - there is no doubt about it. How did they do it where others failed most pitifully? Without access to her toxic peer group, bullies, inappropriate and unhealthy outside influences could not reach her. Nor could she be tempted back onto the path of disaster. Not until then did our daughter begin to recover. Finally she could feel safe from bullies, temptations and judgement and when free from these distractions she could begin to understand that her life was valued. She began to allow herself to be happy, to experience joy and to laugh like a teen should. Her choices became healthier and sustainable. We missed her terribly - don't get me wrong we did. However, we were faced with the choice - a living healthy thriving teen or a dead one.
    Clinician, Registered Nurse
  • Police Officer
    Don was frustrated in his local community and surrounding area where he found no appropriate services that did not include him having to hand his daughter over to the local ministry and quite possibly a group care home. Don was "sold on Venture Academy" because the goal for VA was to always return his child to his loving home. He loved the that we worked based on the clinical methodologies, attachment theory and that the youth were not in a group care model. Don has been so impressed by all staff at VA and speaks highly of the program whenever he gets a chance in his work. Don has been asked by the local school district to speak to his experience at VA to the schools. Don asked today if this would be ok with us. Don has been happy to be a parent reference. He states "Thank you VA for all you have done".
    Police Officer
  • Lawyer
    We are having a super time. And learning a lot from Madeleine about how to constructively handle our emotions. She is teaching us! It's like we got our real child back after living with a nasty imposter for a year or so. You have worked a miracle for us and we are very grateful. Thank you.
  • Nurse
    I am a nurse and I chose Venture Academy because my son has mental health issues and I have found there is a significant gap in treatment for youth with mental health challenges in Alberta. My son's improvement has been tremendous.
    Mom Nurse
  • Crisis Admission - for urgent care, safety or out of control behaviour.

    Easy (but thorough) application and approval process. Immediate access and timely placement for access to help for struggling teens who need it when they need it, usually within just a few days.


    "Our family was in crisis and we needed help for our daughter now. She was placing herself in unsafe situations and we felt like we were losing her. Lisa from admissions was so kind and respectful and guided us through the application and admission process. The next few days were like a blur to us but once our daughter was placed with Venture Academy we were so relieved. We were encouraged to "pass the torch" and let the team take care of our daughter so we could go home, decompress and get our own lives back on track."
    - R. O., Chilliwack BC
  • Clinical Assessment - get answers, get to the root of the problem.

    Thorough and comprehensive assessments conducted by highly skilled adolescent psychologists and experienced clinical team members crucial for understanding your child's individual needs and behaviours. Venture Academy provides you with the answers and explanations you've been looking for.


    "Finally somebody "gets" my kid! The school wouldn't do anything and local counselling didn't help. I needed answers and I got them from Venture Academy. I knew there had to be an explanation for my child's behaviour and there I had it in front of me."
    - F.V., near Edmonton Alberta
  • Clinical Therapy & Treatment - expert help, critical for your child's well-being and progress.

    The incorporation of intensive and ongoing clinical therapy and an individualized therapeutic treatment plan focusing on tangible goals implemented by a multidisciplinary adolescent treatment team specializing in teens demonstrating self-destructive and out-of-control behaviours.


    "We needed a program of substance, an all-encompassing program that provided the therapy, counselling and hands-on every day support that was required to give our daughter the help she desperately needed. We were through with the piecemeal attempts in dealing with the issues. We chose Venture Academy because of their experienced and highly qualified staff and in-depth approach to the problem. The results we see in our daughter speak for themselves."
    - Anonymous, Mississauga Ontario
  • Continued Education - no concern over falling further behind at school.

    Certified and experienced teachers help with any outstanding schoolwork or start fresh with new courses. Individualized teaching styles and approaches applied for each student's particular learning style as identified from the psycho-educational assessment.


    "The semester was in jeopardy and I knew another suspension was coming. Yes things were out of control at home and with friends but education was critically important to us as parents and we needed a program that would continue to support our son and assist him to earn school credit. The semester and school year was not only saved but our son once again achieved what he had not achieved in a long time."
    - C.T. Prince George BC
  • Short or Long Term - 30 day assessment and/or longer-term treatment program.

    Stand alone 30 day program focusing on assessment and behavioural stabilization. Assessment results and child-specific recommendations are included. Longer-term programming that incorporates therapy, education, and family healing. Recreation, service learning, self-management and daily living skills etc. are also included.


    "It was important for my wife and I to understand the needs of our son first before committing to the long-term. The 30 day process helped with this and also gave us time to get to know the staff and find out more about how the program worked."
    - J.W., Grand Prairie Alberta
  • Success Rate - happy families and positive behavioural changes for struggling teens.

    Our clinical staff and therapeutic treatment program provide the structure, environment and expertise that is conducive to the best possible results. Almost all our graduates continue to do well once they return home.


    "Venture Academy has structured their program to be effective with the youth and families that they work with. Our family is living proof of that. Thank you Venture Academy."
    - J.T., White Rock BC
  • Family Support - parent empowerment and successful family reintegration.

    Parent inclusion, parent empowerment, strengthening your family and bringing you closer together. "Attachments plans" individually crafted for your family, critical for family harmony and reintegration.


    "True to their commitments Venture Academy supported us as parents throughout our entire involvement in the program. From the very first and very stressful day at admission, through the anxiety of the ups and downs over the next number of months. Weekly phone calls, visits to the Academy to see our child, face-to-face sessions with the therapist and behaviour specialist, as well as planning and evaluation of eventual home visits were all part of how we were supported by the team. They are still part of our lives."
    - H.M., Calgary Alberta
  • Follow-up - Two year follow-up as needed.

    Two year or unlimited follow-up: we are devoted to your family and track our clients to support them and prove long term success.


    "I was admitted to Venture Academy when I was 14 years old. I am now 21 and am still in touch with the founder of the program and his family. In fact I usually go back to visit about once a year to visit. It's great to stay connected to let them know how I'm doing!"
    - S.S., Vancouver BC

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Our residential assessment and treatment program provides an effective alternative
to a boot camp for troubled teens or "traditional" boarding schools for troubled teens
in Canada.
Sometimes a residential treatment program or boarding or alternate school for struggling students and troubled teens may be an option, or like hundreds of Canadian families have determined since 2001, the Venture Academy program with specialized clinical, therpaeutic and educational supports.

Parents looking for a residential treatment program or a private therapeutic school are encouraged to
contact us to find out how we can help. Call toll free: 1-(866)-762-2211

Venture Academy is unlike a boot camp for troubled teens, boarding school for troubled teens or even a military school for troubled teens. Contact us to find out how.

Other parents and our team of professionals encourage you to take action now. Research indicates that your troubled teens situation won't get better on it's own. If you've tried local counselling or even other residential treatment programs for troubled teens, contact us today - we can help.

Venture Academy, provides accredited services for troubled teens in Canada. Accreditation is a process in which certification of competency, authority, or credibility is verified by an independent third-party. Programs at Venture Academy's British Columbia and Ontario locations have been awarded the highest level of accreditation that can be awarded to an organization through CARF and is pleased to be recognized as an elite treatment service provider for troubled teens in Canada."