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Accessing Services
Our therapeutic residential treatment programs for troubled teens in Canada are easily accessible. Please call or email so we can gather some background information such your family's current situation and immediate needs.

Toll Free: 1-866-762-2211

Rolling / Crisis Admission
Venture Academy understands the potential urgency of our clients' needs. We provide help for troubled teens from all over North America in Alberta Canada, British Columbia Canada and Ontario Canada. Venture Academy is approved to take American and International teens.
We welcome admissions at any time throughout the year. Venture Academy can help families by accommodating an admission usually within a few days of application approval.


Your application will be reviewed and we will responded to you usually within 24 hours. Venture Academy operates year round with admissions Monday to Friday during regular business hours. Admission details are arranged and confirmed on an individual basis.

Admission Testimonial - from a thankful Mom
"My sister, daughter, and I were met and greeted in the parking lot by Candy (staff) and the Therapist Carl, which, in my view, was a far more personal touch than it could have been. Both made us immediately feel at ease and following our good-byes (which were respectfully observed and not rushed), my daughterdid not seem at all hesitant to leave with the staff. I was very grateful that my sister was allowed to accompany me during the admission/orientation process.

Carl was very good to us - he was respectful at all times, non-judgemental, and very reassuring. I felt comfortable opening up to him and believe he will be a good match for my daughter. Carl did a great job explaining the processes and answering all our questions.

Teresa (staff) then joined us for her part of the orientation - what an awesome lady! All information was presented in an organized, easy-to-follow way and was very comprehensive. She even made all the paperwork less painful. Both assured me often that my daughter was in a good place, would be well taken care of and the focus at first would be to help her feel safe. That meant a great deal to me.

I knew that I had made the right decision for my daughter and I and had no doubt Venture Academy was the right place for her. After meeting the staff that day and spending hours with them - that just cemented it. I left Venture Academy that day without my daughter, but feeling confident she was safe and in good hands.

Thank you seems so inadequate, but "thank you!"

Kris - Vancouver

As another Mom put it when describing a call to admissions:

"They listened when others wouldn't."
'They understood when others couldnt'."
"They belived when others didnt."

Venture Academy, provides accredited services for troubled teens in Canada. Accreditation is a process in which certification of competency, authority, or credibility is verified by an independent third-party. Programs at Venture Academy's British Columbia and Ontario locations have been awarded the highest level of accreditation that can be awarded to an organization through CARF and is pleased to be recognized as an elite treatment service provider for troubled teens in Canada."
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