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Take The Test

Thank you for visiting our "Take the Test" interactive tool. Many parents are questioning themselves and trying to figure out if they need help for their family. Often parents are given conflicting advice about the seriousness of their child's behaviour or about what kind of help might be useful or if help is even needed at all. I hope that this five minute test will assist you with your decision-making process as you are considering your child's situation and your family's circumstances.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the results whatever they may be. We'll be happy to speak with you.

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N/A = Not Applicable Y = Yes N = No N/A Y N
1. Is your child's behaviour affecting your work?
2. Is your child's behaviour affecting your marriage?
3. Is your child's behaviour disruptive to your family life?
4. Is your child's behaviour being witnessed by other children in the home?
5. Have your parenting strategies been ineffective in dealing with your child?
6. As a parent have you had to compromise your parenting values just to get some temporary peace in the family home?
7. Does your child disregard you and the family expectations?
8. Does your child resist engaging in family events and activities?
9. Is your child struggling in school?
10. Is your child skipping class?
11. Is the school reporting disruptive behaviours?
12. Have your child's grades been dropping?
13. Has your child been or at risk of being suspended or expelled from school?
14. Does your child seem extremely peer oriented?
15. Does your child's circle of friends consist of youth who seem to make poor choices?
16. Has your child taken on an image or persona that is promoted or perpetuated by peer culture?
17. Does your child put peers first over family?
18. Does your child demonstrate a general lack of motivation?
19. Has your child become more secretive?
20. Has your child engaged in drug or alcohol use?
21. Do you think your child engages in more drug use than you know about?
22. Do you think your child has a serious problem with drugs or alcohol?
23. Does your child come home late or completely disregard curfew?
24. Has your child run away or stayed out overnight without your permission?
25. Does your child spend an inordinate amount of time on video games, the Internet or texting?
26. Is your child secretive about their activities online?
27. Does your child get angry when you ask to reduce time spent online?
28. Has your child ever been bullied or engaged in bullying while texting or on the Internet?
29. Has your child ever been upset or angry after being on the Internet or texting with friends?
30. Has your child ever compromised or lied about him or herself online?
31. Has your child demonstrated verbally aggressive behaviour?
32. Has your child ever demonstrated physically aggressive behaviour?
33. Does your child demonstrate anger and aggression or intimidation and manipulation in attempts to try to get his or her own way?
34. Has your child threatened to harm him or herself?
35. Has your child deliberately harmed him or herself? (cutting, burning etc.)
36. Has your child ever threatened suicide?
37. Have you ever tried to get an assessment but have been unable to access a proper assessment?
38. Have your attempts to access local help for your child or family been ineffective?
39. Has local counselling or programming being ineffective?
40. Have you received a variety of different opinions from a variety of people?
41. Has some information you have received from teachers, counsellors or other supports in the community just not make sense to you?
42. Does it seem like you are the only ones as parents that consider the problem to be serious?
43. Do you think your child needs help?