David Daley

Crisis Intervention Trainer, Behaviour Specialist

Dave has an educational background in Criminology, and for the past 20 years has provided consultation and support services to foster parents, parent counsellors other frontline staff and management. Dave provides youth counselling support to resistant and out of control teens with exceptional social, emotional, and behavioural needs, and has a history of working extensively with other community professionals, such as school districts and mental health clinicians, to develop comprehensive intervention programs to support clients in their homes and in the community.

Dave responds to emerging crisis, and works with adolescents and families to develop behaviour programs and other strategies to manage difficult behaviour; he also enhances the skills that will assist families and young people to problem solve more collaboratively and effectively. Dave is a Master’s Level Certified Trainer in Non-violent Crisis Intervention, a program delivered through the Crisis Prevention Institute that emphasizes a proactive approach to managing anxious, defensive, and/or acting out children and adolescents in a safe and respectful manner. His calm demeanour, insight, and extensive knowledge and experience make Dave a very valuable member of the Venture Academy team.