Jodi Keay-Benson, B.A., B.Ed

Student Success Teacher

/Jodi attained her Bachelor of Education as well as her Bachelor of Arts in Creative and Critical Studies and Sociology from the University of British Columbia. Her education specialization is at the secondary level and her teaching experiences range from grades seven through to twelve. Jodi is trained in crisis intervention and non-violent conflict resolution and her diverse teaching background includes working with high-risk youth, including those with learning challenges and special needs. Jodi strives not only to assess, identify and support students’ educational strengths, but also to assist students to recognize their own educational abilities. As an avid outdoors excursionist, Jodi embraces a holistic view of education which incorporates community-based teaching opportunities with classroom learning.

Jodi’s enthusiasm in connecting with youth and her sincere desire to see students succeed assist her in providing a learning environment that promotes confidence to achieve success.