teens running in the wilderness at boot camp kelowna bcIf you’re looking to send your teen to boot camp in Kelowna, BC, you must consider what your options are and know whether your child has a mental health issue. There are several types of boot camps, including military, wilderness, ranch and therapeutic. Another term for therapeutic-style boot camps is residential behaviour treatment. You’ll also see it shortened as residential treatment, but make sure the program addresses teenage behaviour issues like lying and anger. Some residential treatment programs only focus on solving substance abuse problems.

Can a Boot Camp in Kelowna, BC, Help My Troubled Teen?

Boot camp for troubled teens is often a last resort for parents who are at the end of their rope in disciplining their teens. Due to the ineffectiveness for many teens, traditional boot camps are dying out. Residential treatment programs like ours are replacing the traditional boot camp. Rather than yelling at the teens and making them do military drills, as they do in traditional military-style boot camps, we use innovative therapies and positive reinforcement to transform your troubled teen.

Studies conducted on the effectiveness of traditional teen boot camps found that they are only a short-term solution. Most teens revert to old behaviours once they are back home. Many teens also hate authority figures even more after a military-style boot camp, which isn’t helpful for them in becoming successful adults. Residential treatment programs, in contrast, deliver better success rates in lasting change.

Another important point to make is traditional boot camps aren’t safe for teens who have mental health problems. Boot camp is likely to worsen their condition. Teens who have mental health struggles need therapies that are effective for their specific problem. Dialectical behaviour therapy, for instance, is a talk therapy effective for treating borderline personality disorder, substance abuse and self-harm problems.

How Does Our Therapeutic-Style Boot Camp in Kelowna, BC, Work?

Like traditional boot camp for troubled teens, we provide a structured environment as well as routines. Different from traditional boot camps, we thoroughly evaluate the mental health of your teen to determine what the root causes are behind their behaviour problems. If they have a mental health disorder, we will take that into consideration when creating their treatment plan to ensure their well-being. We give all troubled teens in our care life skills training to prepare them for leading successful lives.

Other ways in which we can provide expert help for troubled teens include:

Teens stay up to six months at our residential treatment centre where they receive individualized counselling to heal from the root causes behind their behaviour problems. We can continue their education to prevent them from falling behind in school. Venture Academy assesses where your child is at educationally and creates a curriculum in which they are likely to succeed. Our teaching style helps them regain confidence in themselves. We teach them learning strategies to make education easier for them. When they return home, school won’t be as challenging for them as it once was.

Benefits of Our Boot Camp for Troubled Teens

Venture Academy has high success rates in reforming troubled teens. 94% of parents said their teen is doing better overall after going through our therapeutic-style boot camp. 91% of parents enjoy a better relationship with their teen. 99% of teens sent to us complete the program. At Venture Academy, we do the best we can in providing help for troubled teens.

Behaviour problems we can treat include:

We provide 24/7 supervision and support to ensure all teens are safe and making improvements during their stay. We conduct a 30-day assessment and intervention for most teens sent to our residential treatment program. During the 30-day assessment and intervention, our skilled and qualified multidisciplinary team gives you insight into what’s going on with your teen. They also intervene in the cycle of negative behaviours and provide emotion stabilization during this process.

Venture Academy is one of the best “boot camps” you can choose for your child. We prefer the term residential treatment since we take a therapeutic approach. Send your troubled teens to our residential treatment centre in Kelowna, BC, to get them back on the right track. We strive to prepare them for a successful life as an adult and resolve their behaviour problems. Contact Venture Academy in Kelowna today at 866.762.2211 so that we can help your troubled teen.