Clinically Progressive Treatment Program

Beyond our 30-Day Assessment & Intervention Program, we have sectioned our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program into distinct yet integrated program stages. Each segment represents a phase of client involvement in the program as he or she moves through the stages of positive change. Progress depends on client willingness, motivation, and movement towards identified goals. (We help with that!)
Note: Client progress usually includes overlap from one stage to the next.

Treatment Planning

After assessment and detox: this is a planning and development stage resulting in an individualized Therapeutic Treatment Plan that guides treatment and intervention while your child is in the program. At this stage, it is hoped that the young person will be an active particpant in the goal setting process. Sessions are designed for clients in the “pre-contemplative” or “contemplative” stages of use – meaning youth who are in denial of the problem, cannot recognize it (due to lack of maturity or mental health) or have only just begun to consider their substance abuse issues.
Note: many professionals or programs will not work with clients in this stage. We do. We view it as our job to motivate youth in progressing through treatment and moving clients through their own resistance. They can’t do it thenmselves. That’s why we are here!

Intensive Treatment Services

Individual therapy and group skill building sessions that address the client’s risk factors for dependency, historical usage patterns, barriers to treatment and recovery, impact of substance-abuse and other presenting problems etc. The focus is on abstinence planning and healthy choices. Youth are assisted in developing skills to eliminate substance-abusing behaviours and move towards a drug-free lifestyle.

Transition Planning

Counselling sessions continue. The focus however shifts to developing an individualized “Relapse Prevention Plan” to support the client in following through with newly acquired skills once back in the original home environment. Clients will be supported in learning to cope with identified triggers and how to avoid or handle ‘high-risk’ situations away from our program. Skill strategies are utilized and perfected in the program, with family visiting and on home visits.

Holistic Approach

At Venture Academy, our approach is holistic in nature. We believe in developing the whole person so that he or she can lead a healthy and positive lifestyle. Many addictions professionals consider it futile to treat an addiction problem without addressing other areas in a person’s life. We agree. This is why we have developed and offer a continuum of personal growth modules and practical experiential learning sessions targeting essential developmental skills and healthy family functioning. Counselling and skill building sessions include emotional growth support with a focus on helathy lifestyle choices. Self-care expectations and daily living tasks are monitored and supported. Venture Academy also offers an array of recreational opportunities.

We support young people in developing and implementing strategies that improve their everyday functioning and have an ongoing positive impact on the quality of their lives. We focus on solutions and skill building. Our program is often chosen by parents looking for boarding school for troubled teens in Canada or boot camp etc.

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