a girl is frustrated with her learning disabilities

Common Learning Disabilities in Teens

The Learning Disability Association of Ontario reported that 4.9% of school-age children have learning disabilities. However, many children go undiagnosed because few people are aware of the common learning disorders in children and teens. If you believe you have a teen who may be struggling with a learning disorder, contact Venture Academy by calling 866.762.2211

screaming child demonstrating oppositional defiant disorder

What Is Oppositional Defiant Disorder?

Adolescence can be a difficult time for many teens and their families. While mood swings and an overwhelming need for independence are common during this phase, more severe or disturbing behavioural trends like oppositional defiant disorder can sometimes signify a problem. What are the symptoms associated with this condition? Why is professional treatment essential to…

cyberbullying teens on their phones

Cyberbullying Teens Harass the Helpless

More and more kids are being bullied in their own homes under their parent’s very noses. It’s called cyberbullying and it’s a troublesome trend involving the use of cell phones, Facebook, and other social networking sites that allow teens to connect and bully others. Cyberbullying teens abuse their peers and those teens who are cyberbullied…

man talking to son on park bench about Teen Inhalant Abuse

Education Key to Preventing Teen Inhalant Abuse

Parents vigilant about educating their child about drugs and alcohol could inadvertently be supplying “drugs” powerful enough to kill the first time they are used. Teen inhalant abuse is a frequent issue in many areas. Surveys conducted in the United States and Canada reveal that huffing (or inhalant use) is becoming one of the most…