a group of parents in a therapy circle discuss how we lost control of our son

“We Lost Control of Our Son”

It’s not always easy raising kids.  I thought the first couple of years were tough.  Then my wonderful children developed into teenagers.  Let the games begin!  Well the games began.  As a parent who thought he was in control as well as in touch with his children, I was fooled.  Our day-to-day lives are comparatively…

Our Private Schools Help Teens Embrace New Beginning

Private Schools that Turn Around Troubled Teens

Four years ago, Laurianne McCarville and her husband were beyond frustrated. Their son, Steven, who had a learning disability, was floundering in Grade 9. His grades had dropped, he was defiant and angry, and he was getting into trouble.

The McCarvilles were terrified of what might happen if their son continued on that path. So Ms. McCarville went on the Internet, typing in searches for “son who won’t listen,” desperate to find any information that might help……

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Uber Employee

It feels good when you connect with a youth and you can make a difference in their lives. Once girl that I had in my home summed it up nicely. I asked her what she got from coming to Venture Academy and she replied “I found my dignity.” At the end of the day when you can help a youth find something so deep and important it makes it all worthwhile.

a girl and her mom sit overlooking mountains and water

Report on Private Schools

The Venture Academy in Kelowna, B.C., is a unique residential program that also works with troubled teens. As agency director Gordon Hay explains, the youth are placed in parent/counsellor home while they learn to participate in community and academic activities. Each student has a support network of five to six professionals including physicians, psychologists, behavioral…