If your teen suffers anxiety, he or she feels nervous and fearful without a clear reason for this discomfort. Moreover, teen anxiety disorder is part of their everyday life, often worsening over time. You cannot figure out why your child feels this way or how to fix it. You may feel helpless, but teen anxiety treatment can build hope for your teen’s better future.

Does My Teen Suffer Anxiety?Facing Teen Anxiety Treatment in Canada

Teen anxiety is hard to recognize, because it often shares signs of other mental illnesses, like depression. However, some common traits exist that point to this type of disorder and your teen’s need for immediate help. For example, those symptoms of teen anxiety include:

  • Panic attacks
  • Fatigue and problems sleeping
  • Headaches and stomach aches
  • Sweating and chest pain
  • Intense worry and stress

Furthermore, anxiety can be overwhelming and deeply stressful. You also see the condition is not improving on its own. Because of anxiety, your young person suffers physical effects, too. In fact, you need help from teen anxiety treatment to keep the physical symptoms from worsening under mental strain.

Types of Teen Anxiety

Several types of anxiety affect young people. For example, these anxiety disorders include general anxiety, social anxiety, phobia, and obsessive compulsive disorder. The good news? With quality teen anxiety treatment, your teen can put anxiety behind them.

With general anxiety, your loved one feels a sense of doom, a feeling that something awful will happen. In fact, symptoms of this disorder include crippling fear. Your teen also suffers the inability to work past the fears, either physically or emotionally. Therefore, they withdraw from everyday life and isolate to avoid more anxiety.

Social anxiety creates extreme nervousness and stress when trying to engage with others. This social stress soon expands into general daily life, causing more anxiety over time. Specifically, they will also avoid people and social settings, to keep their feelings of panic from recurring.

Phobias are intense fears to the degree that the person suffering this fear isolates and withdraws from others. However, these fears usually don’t make sense. In most cases, these fears won’t bring any harm to them. Some people experience flying, bridge, spider, water, or height phobias. However, someone with phobias can fear almost anything they fixate on, no matter how far-fetched the potential for danger.

OCD is an extreme urge to do things in precise patterns or ways. Moreover, this behaviour is not a habit, but something your young person cannot control. If they don’t follow through on their urges, they cannot participate in other areas of their life. Therefore, they must follow through on their pattern or urges to engage in other activities or people.

About Teen Anxiety Treatment in Canada

Teen anxiety treatment in Canada takes place at Venture Academy in Alberta and Ontario. Through the right help and individual treatment, you, your family, and your teen return to a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life. In fact, this holds true whether your teen suffers one condition or co-occurring conditions of depression, eating disorders, or substance abuse.

For example, teen behaviour treatment for depression and anxiety includes:

At Venture Academy, your teen receives an individual treatment plan with careful consideration of their needs. Through this plan, a caring mental health counsellor helps your child work through their anxiety and other conditions. When treatment is over, you take your adolescent back into your home with the tools and coping skills they need for their best future.

With locations in Red Deer and Barrie, Venture Academy has facilities near you. Therefore, call our caring professionals at Venture Academy to learn more about available programs. Contact us now at 866.762.2211 to prepare for your teen’s anxiety treatment in Canada.