If you have a teenager that has recently experienced a trauma, you may be wondering how to help them. If you are like most parents, you may feel overwhelmed or traumatized yourself. For this reason, you must show courage and strength to help your teenager receive teen trauma treatment at a behavioural treatment center.

Venture Academy can help you through this challenging time in your teen’s life. We offer comprehensive treatment for teenagers for all types of traumas. Additionally, we can answer your questions, discuss our treatment options, and get your teen started on the path to recovery.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorderstudents sit in a classroom during teen trauma treatment

When teens experience a trauma, it can often lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). At this point, your teen is suffering from a mental health condition that they cannot deal with on their own. They will need help from a behavioural treatment center and a tremendous amount of support from you and your family.

PTSD is made up of long-term consequences of what your teenager encountered. It usually does not happen overnight. The effects of trauma can develop over several years and occur on multiple levels.

Some of the symptoms of PTSD may include:

  • Constant feeling of fear or uncertainty
  • Worry and anxiety over things that do not usually bring on stress
  • Avoiding certain places, people, or situations
  • Fits of rage, anger, or lashing out
  • ‘Checking out’ and withdrawing from social, religious, or family events

Other symptoms of PTSD may include feeling shameful or guilty for what happened, disruption in sleeping patterns, or sudden changes in appetite. You may also notice severe mood swings.

Trauma and Substance Abuse

Teen trauma and teen substance abuse often go hand in hand. If your teenager feels alone and like no one is listening (even if they are), they may turn to drugs or alcohol to deal with their inner turmoil. This is a common reaction to teen trauma.

Furthermore, drug or alcohol use can turn into substance abuse or chemical dependency as a way to self-medicate or escape the reality of what happened. Many of the signs of abuse are similar to the symptoms of PTSD. You may notice mood swings, changes in behaviour, sleeping, or eating patterns, health problems, or a desire to withdraw.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

One of the best ways to help your teen recover from PTSD, and drug or alcohol abuse is through dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis addresses co-occurring conditions that include a mental health issue and chemical dependency.

During dual diagnosis treatment, your therapist will help you identify the best way to treat your PTSD and substance abuse separately. You receive a more holistic and well-rounded treatment that enables you to heal in all areas that you are struggling with. Dual diagnosis treatment works as either a primary or supplementary solution along with other types of treatment we offer, such as:

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