FAQ about Venture Academy

Q. How can we be assured that our child will be safe and feel comfortable while away from home?

A. Without a doubt, client safety is of the utmost importance to Venture Academy. In fact, many parents choose our treatment programs to keep their child safe and free from harm. Staff (who are subject to criminal record checks and trained in non-violent crisis intervention) are chosen because of their compassion and proven experience in successfully working with troubled teens. Whether it’s a one-on-one discussion, or engaging in challenging outdoor activities, the Venture Academy team makes it their priority to ensure all participants feel emotionally safe and are physically protected.

Q. What about school?

A. With the help of our experienced and understanding teachers, students may continue on with their work from their existing school (if it is salvageable) or start fresh with new courses. Our provincially certified teachers are skilled and experienced in working with students who have been struggling. All courses enrolled in count towards graduation. Students enrolled in Venture Academy have every opportunity to—and are supported in—achieving their academic goals while addressing the issues that led them to our door to begin with. Please check with Admissions for details as school procedures are slightly different in each province we operate in.

Q. How long will my child stay?

A. At the beginning of our 30 Day Assessment and Intervention process, the main objectives are behavioural and emotional stabilization, a psychological assessment, and getting back on track with schoolwork right away. Therapy, family work, health and fitness, and other therapeutic activities are also incorporated. Longer-term options after the 30 days include a semester, a school year, or somewhere in between. Length of stay varies depending on willingness and motivation. However, Venture Academy recommends students participate until most or all of the originally identified goals have been completed. A month-by-month commitment is all that is required.

Q. What about family visits?

A. Family visits are an integral part of Venture Academy’s philosophy. Keeping in mind objectives and individual family goals, parents are encouraged to visit regularly and participate in family work. We also recommend visits home in order to make the transition from Venture Academy as successful as possible!

Q. I’m concerned my child does not understand the severity of the problem.

A. Venture Academy staff are skilled and experienced at working with resistant teens. It’s our job to move youth from a place of resistance and denial to a place of readiness and willingness to change. Some youth do not have the capacity or maturity to recognize that their behaviour is damaging and leading them down a path of self-destruction and harm. A clinical diagnosis may also be getting in the way of any possible progress or ability to recognize or understand the problem. Venture Academy has the clinical expertise and therapeutic environment to assist youth in making positive changes. Call us to find out how we are successful with troubled and resistant teens: 866.762.2211

Q. The physical activities sound challenging.

A. Venture Academy’s trained and experienced staff are sensitive to the needs and capabilities of all clients in our care. Yes, teens are challenged, but the staff are aware of individual comfort levels and support youth in pushing limits when ready. Students receive individualized attention from Cross Fit and Peak Performance trainers with a pure focus and health and physical fitness. Outdoor activities are integrated into our fitness routines for social improvement, self-esteem, and feelings of accomplishment.

Q. What about attending church and religious considerations?

A. Venture Academy is sensitive to the spiritual beliefs of youth and their families. If desired, youth are supported in accessing an identified place of worship and will be given the respect and freedom to practice religion.

Q. What happens if my child gets sick or needs to see a doctor or dentist?

A. Health is very important and part of our overall wellness objectives. Any illness or health issues will be attended to. Depending on location, Venture Academy has access to our own network of doctors, dentists, orthodontists as well as a public system of emergency medical care. Our doctors may be a proactive part and may attend on-site monitoring medication and connect you with home-based physicians and psychiatrists if needed. Please check with Admissions for details as medical arrangements are slightly different in each province we operate in. For more, call 866.762.2211.

Q. What happens if we as parents decide our child needs to come home from the program?

A. Venture Academy staff support troubled and resistant teens in working through any difficulties they may be experiencing. If the time does come that your family decides to withdraw your child from the program you may do so at any time.

Q. What are the costs to attend Venture Academy?

A. Pricing depends on the length of stay. Families can simply start with 30 days and chose us on a monthly basis. There may be savings for a semester or school year.

Q. What if I have other questions we can’t think of right now?

A. Call us anytime at 866.762.2211. Call as many times as you’d like. It’s a big decision and you want to be armed with all the answers. Additionally, at admission, we’ll go through an orientation with students and parents alike.