Venture Academy provides a clinically comprehensive treatment curriculum of counselling and therapy, emotional growth support, life skills coaching, experiential learning, academics, and physical activities. Youth reside in accredited and licensed residences. Parents appreciate our consistent behavioural standards and values congruent with their own family’s values and expectations. Teens learn to appreciate the program structure and thrive in an environment designed and proven since 2001 to help them make positive change.

At Venture Academy, our goal is to support youth to get back on track, make positive changes and establish better relationships with their parents. We help troubled teens rediscover their capabilities and support them in facing exciting challenges and guide them in pursuing new and positive directions. Venture Academy brings together the resources and opportunities that prepare youth to become confident, responsible, and successful individuals of character. If you’d like more information about our mental health treatment program, reach out to our knowledgable and friendly team today by calling 866.762.2211 or filling out our online contact form.

behavioural treatment programWhy Choose Venture Academy for Mental Health Treatment for Teens?

There are many options for mental health treatment for teens, so parents have to make a crucial decision. Which treatment provider would be the best for their teen’s health and well-being? Our Venture Academy team is committed to ensuring that each teen in our care is treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. But, that’s only one reason that parents choose Venture Academy to help their teen get back on track.

Other reasons that Venture Academy’s mental health treatment program is so effective include:

  • Immediate Response – We accommodate admissions at the earliest possible date at Venture Academy. That means that there are absolutely no waitlists.
  • Individual Placements – Minimized exposure to other youth who may have similar or more serious behaviour problems or drug problems helps teens focus on their treatment plans. There are primarily one or two students per home.
  • Customized Services – Our Venture Academy team creates individually developed service plans to address client-specific needs.
  • Impact – We proudly provide therapy and intensive counselling with approaches resulting in closer, more therapeutic relationships with our counsellors and improved relationship with parents.
  • Results – Our supported residences are located in real communities, which is essential for skill transference. There’s no transition from an isolated or artificial environment that could trigger a relapse.
  • Accountability – We track and measure outcomes in order to remain accountable and prove client achievement.
  • Confidential – Your son or daughter’s enrolment in Venture Academy is your business. There’s no government referral required.

Benefits of Our Mental Health Treatment

Teens in our mental health treatment program at Venture Academy begin to experience some of the benefits almost immediately.

Benefits of mental health treatment at Venture Academy include:

  • Enhanced academic performance
  • Improved self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Reduced outbursts and unwanted behaviour
  • Repaired relationships with friends and family
  • Changed patterns of thinking and behaviour

Choose Venture Academy as Your Provider of Mental Health Treatment for Teens

Our Venture Academy team is proud to provide comprehensive and compassionate mental health treatment for teens who need additional support to regain control of their lives. We understand that the teen years are a turbulent time with rapid physical and cognitive growth. If you are interested in learning more about how our mental health treatment for teens can make all of the difference, reach out to our Venture Academy team online or call us at 866.762.2211.

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