If you’re the parent of a troubled teen, it’s difficult to know what to do when they’re struggling. Thankfully, you can get your teen the help they need to find the right path. One staple of troubled teen centers is family therapy. However, what makes this type of therapy so important?

What Is Family Therapy?

As the name implies, family therapy involves a teen and their close family members. However, keep in mind that it doesn’t always involve blood relatives. Sometimes it includes guardians, friends, or others who have deep relationships with the teen.

Why Is Family Therapy So Important?

family therapy | Venture AcademyFamily therapy is helpful for a number of reasons. People need to understand all of the benefits and why they need to enroll in centers that offer it. However, they shouldn’t rely on family therapy alone. Individual and group therapy are just as essential to treatment.

Rebuilding Lines of Communication

One major benefit of family therapy is that it rebuilds lines of communication between family members. It’s common for families to have trouble with communication sometimes. When they don’t talk to each other, however, it’s hard for them to solve conflicts.

In some cases, lack of communication prompts teens to act out. Studies show that they often rebel when they don’t get attention from their parents. In family therapy, family members can start talking to each other again. The overall goal is to get to the underlying cause of the teens’ behaviours.

Educating Families

It’s hard for parents and teens to understand each other. Family therapy helps build understanding between them. For many parents, it’s educational and teaches them more about their kids.

Sometimes family therapy can help parents and teens better grasp certain conditions. For example, if teens suffer from substance abuse, it’s important for their parents to learn about the condition. Substance abuse very easily turns into addiction, which is a complicated disease.

Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses in the Home

For teens to get the help that they need, it’s important to address strengths and weaknesses at home. Sometimes the weaknesses make teens act the way that they do. Unfortunately, many families aren’t even aware that problems exist in their households. Through family therapy, they can fix these issues and help young people down the road to recovery.

Setting Goals

Family therapy aims to help families develop and reach goals. These objectives act as milestones so that families can keep up with their progress. Studies show that recovering is easier when people work toward a certain goal.

Get Help for Your Troubled Teen at Venture Academy

Do you struggle to understand and help your troubled teen? Venture Academy is a residential treatment center for troubled youths. We focus on behaviour treatment for those between adolescence and young adulthood. We have three locations throughout Canada, including facilities in Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.

Our programs help teens who have behaviour, substance abuse, and academic problems. Some of the main issues that they face include addiction, sexual habits, lying, anger, and lack of respect. We offer several programs that encourage healthy changes, including:

Venture Academy strongly believes in taking a holistic approach to treatment. Holistic care helps teens overcome and deal with stress so that they can focus on balance. It also provides the tools that teens need to reduce stress after treatment.

Don’t let your troubled teen fall behind in school or life. Get the help that he or she needs at Venture Academy. Call us at 1-866-762-2211 for more information about how we can improve your teen’s quality of life.