What is Residential Treatment?

Click here to learn more about residential treatment and how it helps troubled teens and teens who are struggling emotionally, behaviourally and in other ways.

Treatment Resistant Teens

Venture Academy helps resistant teens overcome the resistance and engage in meaningful therapy and treatment. Find out how venture Academy helps resistant teens.

Am I Overreacting?

As a parent do you think you are overreacting and moving too quickly? Many parents struggle with this question when they are deciding their options regarding getting help for their struggling teen.

How Long Should I Wait to Get Help?

Many parents are trying to figure out if there teen’s problematic behaviors are bad enough to warrant a residential treatment program. How long should a parent wait?

Sending My Child Away

Struggling with the possibility of accessing a treatment program out of town? The pros and cons and questions and answers about of accessing a treatment program away from home.

Presenting Treatment to Others

Asking family and professionals for their opinion about accessing treatment is something parents do on a regular basis. The following information will help you prepare to present the information and be prepared for feedback and reactions that might follow.

Treatment vs School

Trying to figure out educational priorities as well as the overall well-being of your son or daughter can be a challenge. This article speaks to the priorities and balance of both.

Boot Camp for Troubled Teens

Dispelling myths and identifying realities of boot camps for troubled teens.

Military School for Troubled Teens

The tradition of military schools and their place in helping troubled teens in Canada.