What Is Residential Treatment? Understanding the Most Effective Option for Helping Teens Turn Things Around

Overall, What is residential treatment?Specifically, what is residential treatment? It’s help for troubled teens temporarily living away from home and receiving help in another community in a structured, comprehensive treatment setting. This interrupts the pattern of negatively entrenched behaviours and gives an opportunity for a fresh start.

Importantly, it separates your child from any of the influences that are negatively impacting thinking and behaviour, such as undesirable peer group, drugs and alcohol, social media, etc. This provides an optimal opportunity for therapeutic work to occur with reduced distraction and gives your child a fighting chance. Venture Academy has helped over 1,000 teens in our treatment programs since 2001.

What You Really Need

Residential treatment is needed when teens are unable or unwilling to make changes with the services and professionals available to them at home and in their own communities. Help for troubled teens in a residential treatment setting at Venture Academy is an effective intervention that addresses the problem(s), gets youth back on track, ready and able to return home with new skills and motivation for continued change.

Residential treatment at Venture Academy is a transformative experience. We provide teens with the opportunity to thrive in a positive and supportive environment. Therefore, they can focus on themselves and their own healing or challenges. Unlike boot camps, military schools, and other similar approaches, our staff form deep and meaningful relationships with teens in our program (and you as parents) which becomes part of the agent for change, as students begin to trust others and open up to deal with the realities of their struggles in life.

Different than an institutional or hospital stay, at Venture Academy, we include a real-life home component and school-like settings designed to replicate a realistic learning environment. Overall, kids have to return home to real life and school right? Our environment significantly helps with and speeds up the change process and improves the effectiveness of the program. Our programs provide an effective alternative to boot camps for troubled teens and boarding schools for troubled teens in Canada.

What We Provide

Venture Academy’s residential programs for troubled teens provide tightly structured, highly supervised, individualized assessment and treatment services.

  • Rolling admissions – teens can go through admissions anytime
  • Immediate availability in most cases – no waiting and quickly accessible for crisis situations
  • Three campuses – across Canada
  • Short or long-term options – as short as 30 days or longer as needed
  • Individualized planning and treatment – based on assessment results and recommendations
  • Effective, proven model – with an impressive success rate
  • Overall expertise and experience – the most experienced, private teen treatment program in Canada
  • Family and parent support and education – specific to your child and your family values
  • Home and school-based environments that replicate “real-life” experience
  • Uninterrupted academic engagement – teens stay current with their academics

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“It’s incredible. For years we struggled with our son. We tried every program and resource we could think of. Nothing worked. Then we found Venture Academy. We placed our son with Venture Academy directly from our local hospital where he had been admitted to the psychiatric ward for drug induced suicidal thoughts and out-of-control behaviour. The staff at Venture Academy were not only able to stabilize and manage our son but were able to help him get back on track with school, positive friendships and staying off drugs. We are forever grateful to Venture Academy.”

– Mother of son age 17

If what you have in place for your teen in your community is not working, please call Venture Academy today at 866.762.2211.