When enjoyed in moderation, video games and social media can open up a world of wonder offering endless entertainment, imaginative play, and enjoyable social interaction for teens. The immersive online worlds allow for socialization, imaginative play, and feelings of acceptance and success. Unfortunately, the engaging nature and rewards of gaming and online interactions can quickly take control of young minds as they develop an electronic addiction. Developing minds often latch onto the instant gratification provided through video game progress, achievements, and instant online interaction. Luckily, Venture Academy can help you or your loved one.

At Venture Academy, our team provides comprehensive care for internet addiction and gaming addiction for teens. In this digital age, teens are particularly vulnerable to electronic addiction. That’s why our unique teen electronic addiction program gives teens the tools they need to lead happy and productive lives. If you’re interested in learning more about how our team can help your teen overcome an electronic addiction, reach out to Venture Academy online or call 866.762.2211.

Electronic AddictionDealing With the Problem

Of course, concerned parents attempt to implement logical strategies to counteract the slide into electronic addiction, such as:

  • Communicating their concerns
  • Limiting phone, online, and game time
  • Imposing consequences and rewards
  • Implementing passwords
  • Controlling accessibility

Other suggestions to create balance may come from concerned counselors or teachers. Despite the best effort of parents, sometimes it’s not enough. If youth are failing to respond, it may be necessary to utilize specialized troubled teen treatment programs to break the cycle of addiction, provide positive support and get your child back on track. Venture Academy provides Internet and gaming treatment services for teens across Canada with locations in Alberta and Ontario.

“Why is my child so obsessed with gaming?”
“Why can’t I turn my child away from the game and get him interested in other things?”
“What does my child have to be connected all the time? Why can’t she just unplug from her friends?”

Electronic Addiction Assessment – Providing Answers

Youth at Venture Academy receive a full psychological 30 Day Assessment and Intervention to identify the root of the problem and why they may be so drawn to electronic devices and are so unwilling to let go.

The assessment allows us to see the big picture, identifying any issues that may be contributing to the concerns as well as noting the strengths and positive attributes of each child. Using this information, an individualized behaviour treatment plan is created which utilizes strengths and strategies to address problematic gaming, Internet addictions, and harmful online communications. As positive and healthy behaviours are developed, the psychological attraction and dependence on gaming and Internet use are eliminated.

Additional Programs at Venture Academy

In addition to treatment for electronic addiction, our Venture Academy team provides a range of treatment programs to help teens find success and happiness in their lives.

Some of our additional programs include:

  • Assessment and intervention
  • Behavioural treatment
  • Drug and alcohol treatment
  • School programs and education

Venture Academy is a safe space where teens have the opportunity to focus on improving their lives. We pride ourselves on providing the premier programs for teens in Canada, and we can do the same for you or a teen in your life. Learn more about how our Venture Academy programs and services help teens today.

Get Help Today for Your Teen’s Electronic Addiction at Venture Academy

At Venture Academy, our team has been treating unhealthy gaming and internet behaviours since 2001. We help troubled teens across Canada replace problematic gaming and non-productive and harmful Internet use with healthy lifestyle habits, which includes success in school, family relationships, constructive peer relationships, and an all-around desire to make positive choices.

If your teen always seems to be gaming or on the Internet, reach out to our Venture Academy team today. Learn more about how our programs can help your teen replace a dependence on electronic devices with healthy self-esteem. Spending too much time online is a legitimate type of addiction, and we treat the overuse of electronics with the same comprehensive approach that we would treat any other disease.  Contact our team today by calling 866.762.2211 to get more information about Venture Academy and our innovative programs. Your teen can end their overuse of electronics with our help.

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