As an organization, Venture Academy has served hundreds of families troubled teens from across Canada since 2001. We literally have hundreds of emails, written testimonials, pictures, and gifts and thank you cards from parents and students. Here is a small sample of some things families have to say…

Parent Professional Testimonials

We Are So Grateful to the Team

I am a Psychologist and I chose Venture Academy for my child because Venture Academy offers a high-quality wrap around service that other programs don’t offer…. [Read More]

It Enabled Our Son to Be Free

When we came to the conclusion that our son’s needs had overwhelmed our ability to parent him, we were devastated. Through conversations with friends we found out about Venture and within days a placement was secured in the thirty day assessment program… [Read More]

What a Wonderful Program

I am an Education Assistant and I chose Venture Academy twice for my family. As a professional in the lower mainland in the education field, I have knowledge of a number of local programs. I tried a number of interventions in our community and nothing worked…. [Read More]

This Decision Has Been a Life Saver

After months of meetings with professionals from the public health system (I documented a total of 21 professionals involved during a 16-month period), my husband and I were without hope for our troubled son’s future…. [Read More]

Venture Academy Made My Dream Come True

I chose Venture Academy because I knew I did not have the skills to help my son find his path…. [Read More]

Venture Academy Saved Our Daughter’s Life

Venture Academy saved our daughter’s life – there is no doubt about it. How did they do it where others failed most pitifully? Without access to her toxic peer group, bullies, inappropriate and unhealthy outside influences could not reach her…. [Read More]

So Impressed by All Staff

Don was frustrated in his local community and surrounding area where he found no appropriate services that did not include him having to hand his daughter over to the local ministry and quite possibly a group care home…. [Read More]

My Son’s Improvement Has Been Tremendous

I am a nurse and I chose Venture Academy because my son has mental health issues and I have found there is a significant gap in treatment for youth…. [Read More]

Parent Testimonials

As One Parent States…

We tried everything we could think of as parents including all the normal parenting strategies such as curtailing privileges, the carrot and stick approach, local counselling and things still weren’t getting better. We knew we had to do something different. We searched and discovered a variety of programs and approaches but the Venture Academy approach seemed to… [Read More]

To the Parent of a Troubled Teen

This has likely been a very difficult time for you. I cannot fully understand what it has been like for you and your family however I can share with you that our family has faced an experience of dealing with an out of control teenager. This letter is to offer you some insight into our experience with Venture Academy and to let you know that you are not alone… [Read More]

Our Family’s Journey

Through the time that our daughter has been with your program we have been encouraged by the phone calls as well as the face to face meetings with all of you! We would like to summarize our time with Venture… [Read More]

Doing Great

T is doing great. I think it was the best thing in the world to send her to Kelowna last fall. She finished her last school semester having no problems at all… [Read More]

Appreciated Beyond Words

My journey with Venture Academy started with complete frustration with my son’s delinquent behaviours, activities at home and away, and his choice of friends. I spent many sleepless nights, worrying like crazy and shed many, many tears… [Read More]

Thank Our Lucky Stars

I hope that all is going well with you and yours and Venture. I can’t tell you how many times over these past months that I have thanked my lucky stars that we happened upon Venture. I am certain that there is no way we would have come to any successful conclusion… [Read More]

Major Turnaround

Good morning. Our daughter has been doing really well, so I must take this opportunity to thank all the good people at Venture for the work you have done to help. At this point, it appears to be one of the best investments I have ever made! Only one small stumble so far and she has left many of her loser friends behind… [Read More]


We had a most wonderful weekend with our daughter at home – could NOT have gone better (other than being for a longer time, of course)… [Read More]

Revived Future with Our Son

Distance. When you are close together one doesn’t notice distance but when apart it starts to become apparent. That was our situation… [Read More]

Youth Testimonials

Venture Straightened Me Out

I remember how tough it seemed at first, I did not believe that I needed the program; I didn’t need to be sober. I look back at the old me, and the only thing that comes to mind is what a bum I was… [Read More]

From a Recent Graduate of the Program

I’d tell the parents to get help for their kid right now. There’s no sense in waiting – it’s only going to get worse. I know, I’ve been there… [Read More]

I Hope You Know How Much You’ve Done for Me

I just wanted to say thanks again for helping me through all my crap!… [Read More]

I Was Given the Chance to Change

To most people, my life right now probably seems near perfect. Although this is my present situation, I was under much different circumstances during most of my adolescence… [Read More]

A Grateful Teen

I am not good at writing nor do I enjoy it. I remember the day another youth was leaving and was writing to Venture how it has helped. I also remember thinking how pathetic that was!… [Read More]

Birthday Wish from Youth to Staff

Trixie, you are now turning 35 and I could not figure out what to get you. So I decided to make you this card which I hope you enjoy. You’re one of the coolest people I know and your ability to remain positive in situations that are not… [Read More]

Unlike a boot camp for troubled teens, boarding school for troubled teens or even a military school for troubled teens, Venture Academy provides help for troubled teens by way of individualised professionally staffed home stay environments. Typically one home for each young person. Supports include access to our clinical team typically consisting of a youth and substance use counsellor, family therapist, teacher, psychologist, clinical supervisor and medical doctor. The one-to-one therapeutic treatment model is one of the most important benefits for parents accessing our residential treatment program for troubled teens.

Other parents and our team of professionals encourage you to take action now. Research indicates that your troubled teens situation won’t get better on it’s own. If you’ve tried local counseling or even other residential treatment programs for troubled teens, contact us today – we can help.