Peer pressure facing teens today is at an all-time high. Thus, they experience constant pressure to conform and give in to various temptations. Friends, family, and community residents are no longer the only influences that teens contend with in their daily lives. Electronics and smart devices make life more convenient but also add stresses that can lead to substance abuse. Drinking alcohol generally leads to a teen’s first negative behavioural experience. No matter how much you encourage open communication with your teens and warn them to stay away from drugs and alcohol, popularity within their peer groups is strong. The danger of trying a new substance is that it may take just one drink, puff, or swallow to create a dependency. A dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) program helps by focusing on negative thinking patterns that lead to substance abuse and fostering positive behaviors.

Troubling Signs That a Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Program Can Address

teen discusses dialectical behavioural therapy with therapist

Teens are notorious for erratic behaviours, so it can be difficult for parents and guardians to know for sure if they are taking drugs or drinking alcohol. Recklessness, fearlessness, and despondency could be part of a teen’s nature, or they could signal a substance abuse problem. Alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs reduce inhibitions and the ability to make sound judgment calls. Teens are especially susceptible to these effects because their brains have not yet fully developed. Teachers often receive training to recognize how drugs affect their students. Poor attendance, lack of motivation, and a decreased attention span may indicate that a student has begun using drugs or alcohol.

What Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Includes

Widely praised in multiple counseling and treatment industries, this behavioural therapy encourages participants to look objectively at their thoughts, habits, and goals. In a program that removes judgment and stigma, teens can embrace change. A qualified dialectical behavioural therapy program may help teens produce the change you want to see in them. This therapy may be the answer for teens who have experimented too much with drugs or alcohol and now face a serious challenge. Other services the program offers in conjunction with behaviour therapy include:

  • School programs and education
  • Educational plan support
  • Drug and alcohol treatment
  • Assessment and intervention
  • Individual therapy options
  • Group and family therapy

Admission Programs That Precede DBT

A residential treatment program is sometimes the most effective option for teens. Living in a positive environment may be the best way to help them understand their successes and challenges objectively. Youth detox programs, which typically last up to one month, often precede additional treatment. An effective treatment plan includes counseling and other methods the experienced staff will choose.

Combining Other Treatment with a Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Program

Dialectical behaviour therapy proves successful in many cases, especially among teens and young adults. Along with residential programs and other treatment options, DBT helps participants understand the source of their negative behaviour and explore healthier ways of acting. Teens learn that they can control their environment by changing their own perspective. This therapy offers participants a new option. Individuals who struggle with impulsive behaviour learn how to avoid repeating past mistakes.

DBT Program at Venture Academy

The first step in treatment is to realize that a problem exists. Recognizing how substance abuse has created a roadblock in a young person’s path often requires a neutral third party. Venture Academy offers parents and families a place for safe treatment and healing.

The trials and stresses of substance abuse significantly decrease the quality of life of the entire family. The struggle doesn’t have to continue. Help and rehabilitation are available. Venture Academy has convenient locations in Red Deer, Alberta and Barrie, Ontario. Call Venture Academy at 866.762.2211 to get your teen and your life back on track.