A Message From Our Founder

What if…you could get the smiles, the hugs, and the love back…
What if…your family could be the way it was before the problems started…
What if…you could find a place here in Canada that would help your child turn their life around…

Dear Parents,

We ask these questions because parents just like you tell us that is what they want. Despite your efforts, your child has strayed from your family’s core values and beliefs. The struggles you are experiencing no longer matches your vision of a happy and loving family. The ideals you set for your child are not being achieved and might not be, unless the right path is chosen. We are all too familiar with the pain and stress you are dealing with now.

Throughout our years working with youth and families our team has literally spoken with thousands of parents who have told us heartbreaking stories of their child’s difficulties and resulting family struggles. Venture Academy was founded for families in need – loving and caring families, families who want to intervene and get help for their child before things get even worse. Our goal was to develop the best possible services for struggling teens in Canada – an all-encompassing and clinically comprehensive program that would actually meet the needs of youth and families and produce positive change.

Venture Academy was started by our founders from a deep personal desire to help families. They wanted to create a structure and environment that would produce the greatest possible success for each youth in the program and create the positive changes that youth need to successfully function in school, in the community, and at home. A program that made sense to parents who were looking for help, a program that spoke to their beliefs and value systems.

Our personal commitment to you:

  1. We will have open communication with you – you are part of the solution.
  2. We will incorporate your family values into our treatment and education planning.
  3. We will support you as parents and follow up with you and be there for you every step of the way.
  4. We will do everything possible to return your child the happy, loving person he or she once was and is capable of being once more.

Venture Academy opened its doors in 2002 and has served nearly two thousand families from across Canada. Venture Academy was the first, and maybe the only, successful direct access, private residential treatment program of its kind for struggling teens in Canada.

Thank you for taking the time to browse our website in order to gain an initial understanding of Venture Academy. I hope you’ll become familiar with our organization and trust you will be comfortable with our approach and inspired as you read through our information. If you have any questions whatsoever we encourage you to call.

We can help. 866.762.2211


Founders – Venture Academy

The History of Venture AcademyVenture Academy is the name for what has emerged to be an umbrella structure that provides a variety of helpful and very effective support services for troubled teens in Canada. As the organization evolved, this has included from time to time, but is not limited to assessment, treatment, private school, homestay and other supportive treatment programs for adolescents. Teens and families served often include troubled teens in Canada who may benefit from extra support in the classroom, need a psycho-educational assessment and who may benefit from clinically comprehensive residential treatment services.

Venture Academy consists of several small companies that mostly work hand-in-hand each performing specific functions in various jurisdictions across Canada. These companies have encompassed private schools, accredited treatment programs and licensed residential care facilities where applicable.

The various staff work cooperatively together as a team to navigate the complex regulatory environment combining the best of the clinical and educational worlds to provide unparalleled specialized and therapeutic services for adolescents in Canada.

Since 2001, Venture Academy as an organization has served hundreds of troubled teens from across Canada in its residential assessment and treatment programs and private schools.


The organization as a whole from time to time has delivered a continuum of services, including;

  • Community based outreach and clinical counselling services
  • Mobile, on-call crisis response and intervention services
  • Supported homestay services and housing for international students
  • Outdoor wilderness programming for troubled teens
  • Accredited day treatment programs
  • Residential behaviour treatment including educational support
  • Drug and alcohol treatment at the residential level that includes educational support
  • Gaming addictions treatment for teens
  • Residential 30 Day Assessment and Intervention programs for troubled teens
  • Medical care coordination and detox
  • Stand-alone behavioural assessment, results and recommendation services
  • Independent drug and alcohol assessment and report writing services
  • Troubled teen treatment program identification and selection assistance processes
  • International residential treatment, wilderness program and behavioural health hospital referrals
  • Licensed and accredited treatment foster care
  • Community-based step down mentorship homes
  • Semi-independent support homes for young adults transitioning into college or the workforce
  • Clinical residential care programming, assessment and treatment services within licensed care facilities
  • Private schools for teens with learning and behavioural issues
  • Business infrastructure, consultation and clinical training to like-minded therapists, psychologists, and other health and education related professionals in numerous provinces

Hands On Experience

With a proven history of success, Venture Academy as an organization has provided nearly TWO MILLION support and supervision service hours to teens in our residential assessment, treatment and school settings. It is estimated that Venture Academy has delivered over SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND combined clinical, educational and direct therapeutic intervention service hours for our clients. Venture Academy operates Canada’s leading direct access treatment program for troubled teens in Canada.

While not limited to troubled teens, our history does include delivering services to troubled teens who have struggled with:

  • ADD
  • ADHD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Mood disorders
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Cognitive impairments
  • Learning disorders
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Skipping, school
  • Family problems
  • Suicidal thoughts

Venture Academy continues to strive to develop best-in-class programs and services for troubled teens in Canada. To learn more about Venture Academy, our history, and how we can help your teen, call us today at 866.762.2211.