benefits of group therapy

Benefits of Group Therapy

Therapy and counselling programs are predominant when it comes to treatment for behaviour or substance abuse issues. Choosing recovery over prior matters may seem daunting for troubled youth; however, relating to others in a similar age group that share similar thoughts and feelings can make the process easier. A group therapy program can support teens…

benefits of family therapy

Top Benefits of Family Therapy

As much as family members love each other and have strong relationships, conflict and discord are common and can occur between spouses, siblings, parents, and children. Although it can be challenging to reach solutions, professionals are available as mediators to offer guidance. If you want to work on improving specific aspects of your family’s interactions,…

alcohol and mental health

Connection Between Alcohol and Mental Health

If your teen is struggling with alcohol addiction, you may have trouble helping them cease their addictive behaviours. However, this may be due to underlying relationships between their behaviours and their thoughts. Often, teens begin to use drugs to anesthetize certain symptoms of mental illness. The teen years are a time that is rife with…

teen self-esteem

Caring for Teen Self-Esteem

The teen years present many challenges that can be either wonderfully life-affirming or destructive to the formation of a teen’s future self. This can mean that productively guiding teens through this time of growth can make all the difference to their future success. Mental health treatment is one of the ways that you can support…

teens and opioids

Teens and Opioid Abuse

The opioid epidemic has had far-reaching consequences that have affected the lives of many people. Unfortunately, the wide reach of this addiction may mean that your teen could be struggling with opioid abuse. Most individuals are not equipped to handle the high level of care that detoxing from opioids may require. Therefore, your teen may…

Vyvanse abuse

Recognizing Vyvanse Abuse

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition that many young people have a tough time managing. Because of this, healthcare professionals may prescribe Vyvanse to treat symptoms. However, long-term Vyvanse abuse can create new problems for teens who struggle with addiction. Teen prescription drug abuse is a problem that can lead to serious legal and…

sober Halloween

Help Your Teens Enjoy a Sober Halloween

At Venture Academy, our team provides drug and alcohol treatment for teens in Canada. These services are available for male and female teens ages 12-18. The goal of our drug and alcohol treatment program is to help your child eliminate substance use so they can lead healthy, productive lives and make positive choices that do…

Adderall addiction

The Effects of Adderall Addiction

Adderall is a prescription amphetamine that is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. However, studies show there is an increasing number of young adults that are misusing Adderall. Misuse of Adderall is to get high and increase focus. Concerningly, this can cause an addiction. Ultimately, drug addiction treatment may be needed to address this…