High-Functioning Anxiety in Teenagers

Anxiety is prevalent in teens and can interfere with their overall health and happiness. Generalized anxiety and high-functioning anxiety can be pretty similar, although there are a few distinguishing characteristics. Recognizing the signs of anxiety in teens and knowing if your child is struggling with high-functioning anxiety can help you get the proper treatment for…


Side Effects of Vyvanse

If your child has been diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), your family doctor may have prescribed an amphetamine medication such as Vyvanse. This stimulant drug is approved to treat children and teens with ADHD so they can remain calmer and more focused throughout the day. Although Vyvanse can support your child’s productivity, it can…

a woman with her hand on her forehead suffering from alcohol dependence symptoms

Common Alcohol Dependence Symptoms

Underage drinking often seems like a part of adolescence. While many teens experiment with drinking to test boundaries and fit in with friends, they can develop alcohol use disorder. Alcohol dependency is increasingly common across the United States. A drug and alcohol treatment program is the safest way for young adults to detox and overcome…