troubled teens thrive in military school in full uniform with an american flag

Why Military School Could be Right for Your Troubled Teen

The teen years are a challenging time with all of the physical and psychological changes that occur. Unfortunately, for many teens, this turbulent phase in their lives causes them to make poor decisions and act out against authority figures at school and at home. When families reach the point where they have no idea how…

teens thrive in the right alcohol treatment programme

How to Find the Right Treatment Programme for Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse and addiction can happen to anyone, and it’s important to know the signs that someone may no longer have control of their relationship with alcohol. But recognising these signs is just the first step to recovery; it is also important to find the right kind of treatment programme for alcohol abuse. There is…

a diverse group of teens receives peer support in behavioural addiction treatment

Who Would Benefit From a Behavioural Addiction Treatment Centre?

You are probably familiar with alcohol or drug addiction, but behavioural addiction may be a new concept for you. Many people don’t know that certain behaviours can be as addictive as drugs or alcohol. In fact, these addictions can be so severe and difficult to manage that a person may require behavioural addiction treatment. The…

a teen opens up in rehab after being inspired to do so by celebrities

4 Teen Celebrities Who Got Drug and Alcohol Help

From a distance, the lives of celebrities can appear appealing, even enviable. The crowds of fans, the glossy profiles, the awards shows, the raucous parties—all of these things and more are indicative of a privileged world where money and fame can get a person almost anything they want. Children and teens, in particular, may try…