a mother confronts her daughter about needing addiction treatment and a drug recovery program

3 Ways a Drug Recovery Program Could Help Your Teen

Substance use disorder is a serious problem that can affect many people’s lives, including teens and their families. While there are several ways to address this issue, including therapy and medication, it is important to understand what recovery means for teens who struggle with substance misuse. If you are the parent of a teen searching…

teens who formerly struggled with addiction get help in treatment and support each other in group therapy

Finding Help for Teens with Addiction

Addiction, or substance use disorder (SUD), is a disease that impacts not only the person with the problem but also their family members and friends. Thankfully, many resources are available to help you find treatment options for your loved one. Help for teens with addiction is available and can be found through a family doctor,…

a teen recounts her experience and the services offered in the residential treatment centre she recovered from addiction in to a friend

What Is a Residential Treatment Centre and What Does It Offer?

Teens who struggle with severe drug or alcohol addiction may need more help than an outpatient treatment program can provide. For some, residential treatment is the best option. But what is residential treatment, and how does it work? Residential treatment programs can help young people overcome substance use disorders by providing a safe, supportive environment…