a teen balances a pencil on his upper lip while playing on his phone instead of doing schoolwork

The 7 Types of Attention Deficit Disorder

Being diagnosed with ADD is a significant event for both teens and their parents. It helps everyone in the family understand the source of many of a young person’s problems. However, this seemingly simple diagnosis brings the potential for more specific clarity. Few people realize there are actually seven sub-diagnoses of attention deficit disorder. Venture…

a young man learns cbt techniques in behavioural therapy and treatment

CBT Techniques

CBT techniques are powerful tools to help manage mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression. Unlike traditional talk therapy, CBT focuses on practical, problem-solving strategies to help you identify and challenge negative thoughts and unhealthy behaviours. By breaking down complex problems into smaller parts, CBT enables you to find new perspectives, develop coping skills,…

a teen struggles with a panic attack in a busy and crowded school setting

Recovering from Teen Anxiety Attack Symptoms

About one in four teens suffer at least one anxiety attack. Some experience these crippling attacks on a more frequent basis, such as weekly or daily. These feelings and behaviours can cause problems in daily life and, left untreated, only worsen. Over time, teen anxiety affects school, work, earning ability, and even relationships. If anxiety…

troubled teens benefit from a life skills training program

Benefits of Life Skills Training

Lifeskills training provides teens and young adults in treatment with a foundation of valuable knowledge and tools to help them navigate life. With the proper guidance and support, these life skills can be a foundation for building confidence and resilience. Venture Academy understands that building life skills is more than just learning how to cook…

a pharmacist shows how much cough medicine a patient is supposed to take

What Is Lean Drink? Learn the Facts

Lean drink is a type of alcohol-based beverage that has become increasingly popular among teens in recent years. It typically contains a blend of codeine, a strong opiate-based pain reliever, and other sweeteners. While the effects of drinking lean are similar to those of alcohol, its high-opiate content increases the chances of overdose and other…