can I continue education while in rehab teens raising hands in class say yes

Student Resources: Can I Continue Education While in Rehab?

Students often find themselves overwhelmed. Parents seeking treatment for troubled teens should consider rehab options that allow their children to continue going to school while getting the help they need. Students or parents wondering “Can I continue education while in rehab?” will find that there are many recovery options available. How Can I Continue Education…

boy yelling while gaming unaware of what causes gamer rage

Understanding What Causes Gamer Rage and How to Stop It

Gaming addiction and rage are on the rise, especially in teenagers and even young adults. Have you wondered what causes gamer rage? Part of the answer lies in the constant demand for instant gratification and having it taken away. The instantaneous loading of web pages, YouTube videos, and entertainment has not instilled patience in today’s…

teenage boy on computer showing signs of internet addiction

What are the Top Signs of Internet Addiction?

In our digital world, internet addiction is more pervasive than ever before. Your entertainment and information options are limited only by device battery and WiFi coverage. The temptation to stay online all day ensnares many, including our teens. Learn to recognize the signs of internet addiction disorder to keep your child healthy. What Defines Internet…