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Many parents across Canada seek the help of Venture Academy when it comes to the development of their troubled teens. In fact, Venture has the training, experience, expertise, and compassion to ensure your teen gets back on track in a safe, supportive environment. Learn more about Venture Academy today. With our help for troubled teens, your child can find their path to overall wellness.

The Venture Academy Approach

At Venture Academy, we take an attachment-based, solution-oriented, and holistic approach to treatment. Therefore, we not only treat the mind, body, and spirit, but also provide evidence-based practices for complete recovery. Whether it be a substance abuse problem or behavioural issue, Venture has the professional staff and expertise to bring about positive change.

With our 30 Day Assessment and Intervention, we will also be able to develop a custom and personal plan for your teen. Specifically, this is the time where we can identify any underlying issues and address with proper treatment. Our Venture Academy team understands that each individual who enters our care will have their own unique experience with behavioural issues or substance abuse. As a result, there isn’t one specific program that will work for everyone. With a custom approach, we can make sure that your child is heading down the right path in recovery.

Each day, you will begin to recognize growth, as well as any setbacks. Therefore, with our counselors, we can make adjustments to the treatment to ensure they continue to move forward.

Troubled Teen Programs We Offer

Venture Academy offers high quality and effective troubled teen programs at various locations in Canada. For example, these include:

Specifically, education is the foundation for your teens future. We don’t take this lightly at Venture Academy. In fact, we provide integrated courses, personalized curriculums, psycho-educational assessments, and academic testing during their stay.

Find Out More About Venture Academy Today

Venture Academy is home to two locations across Canada. Specifically, we have facilities in Red Deer, Alberta, and Barrie, Ontario. These locations provide residential care and programs for teens.

Don’t let your teen fall behind in their development due to behavioural or substance abuse issues. At Venture Academy, we provide a safe, supportive environment for recovery. Therefore, to learn more about Venture Academy, call our friendly staff today. You can reach us now at 866.762.2211.

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