Are your children heading down a path that includes anger, outbursts, and worse? You’re sure that you’ve tried everything. However, have you worked with the Venture Academy on a comprehensive learning disorders and learning disabilities assessment?

Symptoms of Learning Disorders and Learning DisabilitiesWhat Are Learning Disorders and Learning Disabilities?

Certain behaviours are warning signs for learning disorders. For example, many teens begin to neglect school work, lash out at their parents, or struggle to take in certain information. Moreover, their grades may begin to fall and they may ask to skip school more often.

Your teen may be struggling with one or more learning disabilities at a time. They have nothing to do with laziness or a lack of intelligence. Rather, your teen needs a different type of help.

Common Learning Disorders and Learning Disabilities

One of the most common learning disabilities is dyslexia. It affects reading and writing. Dyscalculia denotes a problem with mathematical thinking as well as time management tasks. Dysgraphia identifies a problem with the mechanics of writing; you’ll notice obvious spelling difficulties.

Other learning disorders include ADHD and autism spectrum conditions. ADHD isn’t a learning disability; however, it’s a chemical brain imbalance that affects the ability to receive and retain information. You’ll notice focus problems as well as difficulties with completing tasks.

What Happens If You Do Nothing?

Untreated learning and information retention problems result in tremendous stress for your teen. It’s not unusual for them to develop anxiety or depression – sometimes both. These conditions pave the way for substance abuse disorders. Some teens act out sexually or violently.

However, this doesn’t have to be your teen’s outcome. Most importantly, if s/he’s already going down this road, there’s help. Venture Academy specialists routinely work with teens who struggle in school and at home. Many have problems with learning that they haven’t received support for.

Reach Out for Help

A 30-day intervention offers the best results. Specifically, therapies include:

Many parents worry about their kids when they’re away. Consider that they’ll be in a safe environment away from destructive peer group influences. There’s close monitoring of social interactions with other teens who are also undergoing treatment. Frequently, teens feel relief when they realize that they’re not the only ones with learning problems.

There’s also plenty of fun. In a way, a stay at Venture Academy is a bit like camp. Specifically, in the summer, teens swim, practice stand-up paddle boarding, fish, and kayak. In the winter, there’s snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and snowboarding.

With the right therapeutic support, your child has an opportunity to manage learning disorders and learning disabilities that co-occur with certain behaviours. In fact, you’ll understand what type of support your teen needs in the long run. Contact Venture Academy for help today by dialing *DM_DirectNumber format=period orig=”855-281-5813″* now.