Venture Academy’s Young Adult Program offers an individualized, and therapeutic programming of counselling, emotional growth, life skills coaching, academic support and experiential learning.

At Venture Academy our goal is to help struggling young adults over 18 to get back on track. Eliminate negative disempowering issues and unproductive behaviours that are robbing your adult-child of the potential they have. Replace those issues with healthy and positive behaviours and a positive outlook on life. Develop their capabilities, face exciting challenges and discover and pursuing new and positive directions.

Through our young adult program, Venture Academy brings together the resources and opportunities that prepare youth and young adults to become confident, responsible and successful individuals of character.

Why is a Young Adult Program Even Needed?

More and more young adults are struggling to navigate the world successfully. Adolescence is becoming prolonged, children are staying at home longer and many struggling young adults are returning home after unsuccessful attempts at making it on their own. While research is evolving on the issue as to why it is occurring on a societal level, it has been clear to our organization that young adults struggle for many of the same reasons that that struggling teens do; anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, substance use, mental health issues, problems with peers etc.

In addition to these issues young adults are often faced with higher expectations that they may not be prepared for resulting in a sense of feeling overwhelmed which compunds the problem.

Why Venture Academy?

While “Failure to Launch” programs may be the newest trend in “struggling teens” industry Venture Academy has been helping struggling young adults in Canada since 2001. While it is the goal of many struggling teens to return home after being successful in treatment, older teens have stayed on with and been supported by Venture Academy achieving success in university, college or work as well as overcoming their initial struggles. In addition, the Founder of Venture Academy had been contrating with British Columbia’s provincial youth services ministry since the mid 90’s assisting youth and young adults transitioning from intensive treatment environments to more semi-independent and independent supportive living environments.

Venture Academy’s continuum of residential treatment and clinical therapeutic support services for troubled youth and young adults make our organization the number one choice for parents of a struggling adult child.

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