Entering adulthood can be challenging for some young individuals. While many find their way smoothly, some discover the transition overwhelming. Venture Academy’s innovative program, designed specifically for young adult men aged 19-25, is not just a safety net; it’s a launchpad for a better future.

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When Is a Young Adult Program Needed?

Some may argue that the late teens to early twenties are the years of self-discovery and independence. However, reality often paints a different picture. For various reasons, many young adults within this range might require extra support and guidance.

Venture Academy recognises that the most common triggers for young adult men ages 19-25 seeking behavioural treatment include:

  • Mental health challenges – The prevalence of mental health issues within this age group is staggering. Conditions like depression, anxiety, ADHD, and even a diagnosis on the autism spectrum are frequently identified after the age of 18.
  • Substance abuse and addiction – The legal age often opens the door to legal vices. For some, it can be the start of a downward spiral into alcohol and drug dependence.
  • Difficulties transitioning into adulthood – Some young adults have difficulties with time management, life skills, and transitional tasks, leading to an inability to maintain a healthy, functioning adult life.
  • Academic and career challenges – Failing grades, college dropouts due to mental health or addiction, or challenges in grasping professional and educational pathways can stifle potential.
  • Legal and behavioural issues – Some young adults find themselves entangled in the legal system, which often traces back to behavioural issues. These programs focus on rehabilitation and the acquisition of decision-making skills.

Sometimes cited as “Failure to Launch” programs, our program can help young adults to find purpose and deal with critical issues that can affect their transition into independent living. Our Brighter Horizons young adult program is designed to provide a structured yet nurturing environment to aid personal growth and independence.

Brighter Horizons: About Venture Academy’s Young Adult Program

Navigating these turbulent times requires experience, empathy, and a multi-faceted approach—a notion at the heart of Venture Academy’s young adult program. Our young adult Failure to Launch Program in Canada offers a holistic path to recovery and self-mastery, catering to the unique needs of each struggling young adult.

Our Brighter Horizons young adult program spans the course of 90 days, with three phases.

Phase 1: Know Yourself

  • Intake meeting for general needs assessment
  • Daily psycho-educational groups with a focus on anxiety, self-worth, coping, self-esteem, self-care, and developing healthy lifestyles
  • Daily process groups – In contrast to psycho-educational groups, process groups are more focused on sharing individual experiences and group discussion
  • Weekly psychotherapy (talk therapy) one-on-one with a therapist
  • Activities of daily living – Creating a healthy routine for sleep, nutrition, physical activity, hobbies, work
  • Vocational and/or educational skills – Completing GED, college/university courses and/or credits, resume building
  • Recreation and fitness – Physical activities and workouts with minimal equipment
  • Develop goals for the duration of the program and begin to identify goals beyond discharge

Phase 2: Identifying Assets

  • Psycho-educational groups with a focus on resistance, values & beliefs, barriers to success, communication, learned helplessness, and relapse prevention (emotional, physical, and/or substance-related)
  • Weekly psychotherapy one-on-one with a therapist
  • Daily process groups facilitated by a program counsellor
  • Activities of daily living – Cooking, shopping, transit, exposure to other environments such as laundromats, banks, employment services, colleges
  • Vocational and/or educational skills – Communicating with peers in the workplace, volunteering, resume building cont’d., volunteering in the community
  • Recreation and fitness – Community activities, local gyms, rock climbing, yoga, swimming pools, community centers
  • Continue on program goals and post-discharge goals

Phase 3: Apply and Thrive

  • Psycho-educational groups with a focus on continued success beyond the program, relapse prevention (not returning to old patterns of behaviour), fear of the unknown, coping skills, confidence in self, relationships with self and others, how to be a successful contributing member of society
  • Weekly psychotherapy one-on-one with a therapist
  • Daily process groups facilitated by a program counsellor
  • Activities of daily living – Developing healthy and manageable routines
  • Vocational and/or educational skills – Obtaining other certifications and/or licenses (GED, first aid, criminal record check), applying for jobs and/or volunteer positions in the home and community, preparing for independent living, and time management
  • Recreation and fitness – Independent focus on individual’s likes and preferences for recreation and hobbies
  • Begin to transition for discharge – Planning for independent living

The narrative of the struggling young adult is one that Venture Academy knows well. We have seen lives transformed, potential realised, and confidence built within our Brighter Horizons program. If you recognise the need for a tailored program that promises a future free from struggle for your troubled young adult, reach out to us today. The first step is often the hardest, but it leads to a transformation beyond measure.

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