Are you unsure of what to do or where to start?

Young Teen on the Phone in Need of 30 Day Assessment and Intervention Overall.While many parents of troubled teens in Canada know their child requires a more lengthy residential treatment program or school setting, just as many parents are unsure if there is a need to commit for the long term. However, Venture Academy’s 30 Day Assessment and Intervention process for troubled teens and out of control teens in Canada can assist with answering that question. At the same time, it can provide a number of immediate benefits for troubled teens, struggling students, and their families.

Why parents choose our 30 Day Assessment and Intervention option:

  • Crisis stabilization
  • 24-hour support and supervision in a safe environment
  • A break from negatively entrenched self-limiting behaviours
  • Answers and insight into your child’s behaviour and thought patterns
  • Recommendations developed by a skilled and qualified multidisciplinary assessment team

Our clinical and education team, experienced in working with troubled teens in Canada, can learn a tremendous amount of valuable information as it pertains to your child in a relatively short period of time. Our comprehensive process and assessment results are critical as a first step when it comes to any kind of educational or treatment planning with your son or daughter.

This is a chance for you as parents to think and plan, a chance for peace back in the family home, a chance for everyone to regain composure and determine a new course of action in the best interest of your entire family.

Already have an assessment (of some sort)? No problem. Our team will review any previously completed materials, determine if there is anything missing, or if any updates are needed.

“I’m an Engineer, the assessment makes sense to me. The assessment process is the same approach we use at work. We have to determine exactly what the problem is in order to understand issues before going ahead with a plan. The assessment process is why I chose Venture Academy.” – Father of 16-year-old

The 30 Day Assessment and Intervention Program has proven to be very effective in achieving its objectives of interrupting the cycle of negative behaviours, stabilizing emotions, obtaining an informative and meaningful educational and diagnostic assessment, and equipping both youth and their parents with a strong foundation for the treatment that will follow.

ASSESSMENT – Get answers, get to the real root of the problem.

Comprehensive psychological assessment with professional testing, scores, and results to determine the origin of behaviours and thought processes. In fact, real evidence of what’s going on for your teen. This is the foundation for developing an appropriate Treatment & Education Plan specific to your child’s needs.

INTERVENTION – Stop the problematic behaviours right now.

Specifically, removing your teen from environments and situations that may inhibit progress provides an opportunity to stop current negative patterns. Venture Academy helps teens learn to take accountability and move past thoughts and actions that are negative, destructive, and inhibiting a close relationship with family and/or creating barriers to a healthy, happy, and productive life.

STABILIZATION – Calm down, regroup, and prepare for a fresh start.

This is a time to stabilize emotions and behaviours free from negative distractions overall. As soon as a young person arrives, however, we establish new positive routines. Therefore, this critical stabilization period allows for the opportunity to begin developing consistent healthy thoughts, behaviours, and actions.

EDUCATION – Get back on track with no option to skip or not do the work.

Our teachers specialize in getting your teen back on track and motivated to engage in school. Furthermore, our certified teachers deliver individualized educational planning and specialized support to help teens maintain their current education or start fresh with new courses and learning objectives.

COUNSELLING – Realistic and practical, just like kids need.

Individual counselling and group counselling motivates teens to engage in positive change and address specific areas that are directly related to behaviours as they occur in real time. Additionally, we work with your kids to help them understand the impact that their behaviours have on themselves, their family, and their future.

POSITIVE & HEALTHY ACTIVITIES – Replacing old with new and feeling great.

Idle time and excessive electronic use is replaced by positive, healthy, and structured recreational activities. Moreover, this occurs with a focus on fitness and physical health. Teens re-build self-esteem as they engage in our core seasonal activities with opportunity to incorporate additional individualized activities based on a child’s passion in sports, music, art, or other personal interests.

RESIDENCE – 24-hour support and supervision.

When not engaging in counselling, academics, recreation, or other identified therapeutic activities on campus, youth reside in a safe, structured, supportive, and therapeutic home care environment. Research tells us that the more realistic the learning environment, the higher the level of retention. In addition, new skills and strategies utilized in our therapeutic home environments provide optimal opportunity for a successful transition for your teen back home.

To view a detailed breakdown of our four-phase process, please click on our visual timeline.

The 30 Day Assessment and Intervention process lays the essential foundation for the treatment programs that follow by providing clarity to the reasons why the behaviour is occurring in the first place. For more information, call our staff today at 866.762.2211.

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