Regulatory InformationVenture Academy provides residential assessment, treatment and educational support programs for struggling teens in Canada. The organization navigates a complex web of provincial and federal legislation, best practices, accreditation standards, and professional regulatory environments in multiple provinces. Some of our infrastructure obligations and service delivery systems are mandated by law, while other processes we follow are voluntarily sought by our organization in order to implement continuous improvements in quality assurance practices.


Venture Academy operates within provincial regulations and as such works within and takes into account legislative frameworks, complies with applicable legislation, and interfaces with related local, regional and provincial governing authorities as required. Applicable legislation and governance authorizes, allows and provides Venture Academy permission to operate and provide services in the manner in which it does for struggling teens and their families. At the same time, legislation and governance also limit the scope and practice of what the organization may or may not provide. Applicable legislation and governance provide a legal and ethical framework as well as “best practice” operational standards and guidelines for Venture Academy, its employees, agents, and contractors.


As part of the organization’s accountability and quality assurance practices Venture Academy has a history of utilizing the expertise of employees and contractors, (team members), some of whom are provincially certified licensed professionals and are members of their own applicable governing organizations. When Venture Academy engages certified and licensed professionals, consumers have the added protection and assurance that established codes of conduct and ethical codes of practice are in place. Venture Academy is a proponent of legislation designed for the protection and peace of mind of families looking for help for their struggling teens.

Compliance versus Effectiveness

Government mandates a baseline. Compliance with directives does not restrict us or take away from our ability to set our own goals and do great work. The culture and values of Venture Academy are what sets us apart. For Venture Academy it is not compliance versus effectiveness, it is compliance and effectiveness.