As parents, we all want our teens to grow up to live happy and productive lives. However, it can be difficult watching your child exhibit negative behaviour patterns. Sometimes, you may feel as though you’re banging your head against the wall as you hope one day he or she will snap out of it. Fortunately, for parents at their wits’ end with their teen’s behaviour, there’s a solution. Since 2001, Venture Academy’s residential treatment program has helped teens and parents in Canada rise above the hopelessness.

A Better Alternative to a Teen Boot Camp

Teen Girl in Need of Residential Treatment ProgramDaytime TV talk shows have romanticized teen boot camps, and how they’ve “transformed” teens. While the setting may be helpful in some situations, generally the constrictive environment does more harm than good. Rather than beating teens up and breaking them down, our compassionate therapists, psychiatrists, counselors, and other clinical professionals create a therapeutic environment that promotes lasting change.

Does My Child Really Need a Teen Residential Treatment Program?

When it comes to that question, some parents will immediately answer “yes.” They know for a fact that their child needs intensive, long-term care in order to address serious issues. Many parents, however, aren’t sure. That’s why Venture Academy offers a 30 Day Assessment and Intervention Program.

Over a 30-day period, our multidisciplinary team will gain further insight into your child’s specific needs. Through assessment and evaluation, they’ll be able to develop a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan to help your troubled teen. Additionally, it gives your teen the opportunity to step away from social and environmental factors that may have been contributing to destructive behaviours.

Characteristics of Our Residential Treatment for Teens

At Venture Academy, we offer treatment programs for a wide range of teen issues. Some of them include:

Furthermore, we believe that family involvement is crucial to your teen’s development. Throughout the course of your son or daughter’s treatment, Venture Academy will keep you involved at every step of the way. We’ll include you in weekly calls, allow you to visit, and even arrange for home visits as your teen progresses through our residential treatment program.

Get Help for Your Teen Today

It’s not too late to help your teen turn his or her life around. With three locations throughout Canada, Venture Academy has the resources, expertise, and empathy to help your family through this trying time.

Take the first step to rebuilding your teen’s life. Call Venture Academy today at 1-866-762-2211.