drug and alcohol treatmentTeens deal with a significant amount of pressure, whether it is put on them by their peers, parents, or themselves. Also, the teen years are a time of rapid cognitive development, which may cause uncertainty and low self-esteem. Unfortunately, these factors lead some teens to turn to drug or alcohol as a coping mechanism. When teen drug or alcohol use occurs, it is often necessary to reach out to a teen addiction treatment centre for help.

At Venture Academy, our drug and alcohol treatment programs for troubled teens in Canada provides substance use treatment, counselling, and educational support services to male and female teens ages 12-18 who are experiencing difficulties managing their lives due to alcohol or drug use as a contributing factor to the overall problem. If a teen in your life might benefit from a supportive environment staffed by a team of experts, reach out to Venture Academy today by calling 866.762.2211 or completing our online contact form.

Venture Academy’s Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Typically, Venture Academy’s drug and alcohol treatment program helps teens who may have a history of substance abuse and related issues such as:

  • Family difficulties
  • School suspensions
  • Negative peer relationships
  • Clinically diagnosed disorders such as ADD, ODD, and other significant behavioural challenges

Our goal is to help youth eliminate substance use so that they can lead healthy, productive lives and make positive choices that do not include drug and alcohol use. At Venture Academy, our team provides the resources and opportunities to help teens overcome substance abuse and prepare them to become confident, responsible, and successful individuals of character.

Why Choose Venture Academy’s Drug and Alcohol Residential Treatment Program?

  • Immediate Response – We accommodate client admissions at the earliest possible date. Typically, there are no wait lists. Your child is immediately off drugs.
  • Individual Placements – Minimized exposure to other youth who may have similar or more severe behaviour problems or drug problems.
  • Customised Services – Individually developed treatment plans to address “client-specific” needs.
  • Impact – Individual therapy and substance use counselling with approaches resulting in closer, more therapeutic relationships with our counsellors and improved relationship with parents.
  • Results – Our supported residences are located in real communities, which is essential for skill transference. There is no transition from an isolated or artificial environment which might trigger a relapse.
  • Accountability – We track and measure outcomes in order to remain accountable and prove client achievement.
  • Confidentiality – Your son or daughter’s enrolment in Venture Academy is your business. No government involvement is required.

Learn More About Venture Academy’s Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Our residential treatment programs for troubled teens are typically chosen by parents as an alternative to boot camps for boys or boarding schools for girls in Canada. The key to the effectiveness of our treatment programs is our team’s compassionate care. We treat your teen as though they are a member of our own family. And, in a sense, they become part of our Venture Academy family as soon as they enter treatment. If you are curious about our drug and alcohol treatment programs, reach out to us today by calling 866.762.2211. We’re happy to provide all of the information that you may need to discover why Venture Academy has such a strong reputation for helping teens regain control of their lives. Contact our Venture Academy team today by filling out our online form or calling 866.762.2211.

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