From time to time, many teens become overwhelmed with life’s problems. Not knowing how to cope with these issues can result in feelings of anxiety, depression, and frustration. Whether teens need help with substance abuse, the loss of a loved one, or mental illness, psychotherapy can be a useful form of treatment.

What Is Psychotherapy?

Troubled teen girl going through psychotherapy sessionMany professionals also refer to psychotherapy as talk therapy. This type of therapy is a highly effective way for many people to identify self-destructive thoughts and actions in order to change them. It also helps those struggling with difficult problems to function more productively in their personal and professional lives. These individual counselling sessions involve in-depth discussion of the problem at hand and potential solutions that can provide relief.

How Does Psychotherapy Work?

Some types of psychotherapy may work better for specific problems or personality traits. Regardless of its form, talk therapy involves talking to and developing a relationship with a compassionate counsellor. While in this setting, teens and counsellors discuss appropriate solutions for dealing with the issues at hand. Repeated individual, group, or family therapy sessions may be necessary to achieve the desired results.

Benefits of Talk Therapy

Talk therapy can provide many useful benefits for those facing substance abuse, mental illness, or other difficult problems in their lives. Consider the many benefits of talk therapy listed below.

Improved Emotion Regulation and Behaviours

Sadness and despair are common issues for troubled teens. Talk therapy can lead to greater levels of happiness and satisfaction in life overall.

Reduced Stress Levels

Therapists can help overwhelmed teens learn healthy ways to deal with the stress.

Increased Satisfaction with Life

Relationships with family and friends, school responsibilities, and enjoyable hobbies can all suffer when dealing with serious life issues. Talk therapy can teach these individuals useful ways to cope with problems and change destructive actions.

Improved Relationships with Others

Talk therapy can result in a greater degree of overall happiness. This often spills over into improved relationships with parents, children, spouses, and work colleagues.

Increased Motivation and Desire to Engage in Life

Mental illness, behavioural problems, and substance abuse all negatively impact a person’s motivation and desire to remain engaged in life. Talk therapy can boost a teen’s motivation to strive for certain life goals.

Why Seek Professional Therapy?

Without professional intervention, teens struggling with self-defeating thought and behaviour patterns can find it overwhelming to initiate appropriate changes. However, remaining stuck in those negative thought and behaviour patterns can result in frustration, emotional pain, and difficulty living a balanced life. Talk therapy can provide numerous benefits that allow teens to achieve a greater degree of satisfaction in their personal and professional lives.

Additionally, mental health issues can become even more complex when co-existing problems such as substance abuse exist. Talk therapy can be a useful way of managing multiple co-occurring behavioural issues. When combined with behaviour treatment, substance abuse counselling provides a way of dealing with that additional burden. In any case, reaching out for professional treatment is seen as a sign of internal strength and a desire to resolve the issues at hand.

More About Venture Academy

Venture Academy is a residential behaviour treatment center with several convenient locations throughout Canada. We offer transformative troubled teen programs that promote positive change. Venture Academy accurately provides programs and support that help teens overcome their problems. Whatever the troubling behaviour includes, Venture Academy uses a multidisciplinary approach that targets the needs of teens.

Substance abuse and self-defeating behavioural trends can be difficult problems for teens to manage alone. Don’t allow behavioural issues to control your family’s happiness. Contact Venture Academy today at 866.762.2211 to find out how we can help your teens accomplish their goals.