teen boy with hands over face sitting next to backpack showing signs of drug use

3 Signs of Drug Use Parents Shouldn’t Ignore

If you’re a parent of a teen showing signs of drug use, it’s essential to seek treatment quickly. As teenagers strive for independence, it can be difficult to know if an underlying problem exists. Teenagers naturally branch out and distance themselves from parental influence, making it difficult to detect possible signs of drug abuse. However,…

cyberbullying teens on their phones

Cyberbullying Teens Harass the Helpless

More and more kids are being bullied in their own homes under their parent’s very noses. It’s called cyberbullying and it’s a troublesome trend involving the use of cell phones, Facebook, and other social networking sites that allow teens to connect and bully others. Cyberbullying teens abuse their peers and those teens who are cyberbullied…

teen pouring a spoon of cough syrup for Cough Medicine Abuse

Legal But Lethal – Cough Medicine Abuse in Teens

An ingredient found in many cough and cold remedies is finding its way into the hands of teens intent on using it to get what is described as a cheap dissociative high. Teen cough medicine abuse is something parents need to make themselves aware of. Dextromethorphan (DXM) – a synthetic ingredient found in more than…

man talking to son on park bench about Teen Inhalant Abuse

Education Key to Preventing Teen Inhalant Abuse

Parents vigilant about educating their child about drugs and alcohol could inadvertently be supplying “drugs” powerful enough to kill the first time they are used. Teen inhalant abuse is a frequent issue in many areas. Surveys conducted in the United States and Canada reveal that huffing (or inhalant use) is becoming one of the most…

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Venture Academy

Help for troubled teens in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa. We provide behaviour treatment for youth struggling with anxiety, depression, making poor choices, ADHD, problems with peers and school. Our program is Canada’s longest running most successful direct access treatment program for troubled teens in Canada.

The Argument Against Teen Boot Camp

Top 5 Reasons to Say “Yes” to Help for Troubled Teens Canada and “No” to Boot Camp for Teens in Canada

1. Venture Academy for troubled teens provides intensive, ongoing clinical therapy focused on providing long-lasting results and permanent behavioural changes. We are not a boot camp for teens in Canada offering parents a quick – but temporary – fix. 2. At boot camp for teens, troubled teens live in a group-style living environment surrounding by teens with…