Teens can be notoriously moody and irritable. However, is your teen experiencing this typical teen behaviour, or are they needing help through teen depression treatment in Canada? In many cases, teen depression becomes very serious, very quickly. Therefore, if you notice signs of depression in your teen, help them find the care they need for brighter days ahead.

Why Do Some Teens Suffer Depression?Facing Teen Depression Treatment in Canada

In fact, teens can face depression for many reasons. Many experience low self-esteem, feelings of inadequacy, and social problems with peers. However, others struggle with family problems, past trauma, and general stress. Whatever the reason for your teen’s depression, if their general mood and wellness remain low, they need professional help.

Depression is not something you can just shake off. Specifically, it’s a biochemical problem in their brain, one affecting thoughts, behaviours, and motivation. They withdraw from friends, family, and favorite activities. Many going through these problems go into their room after school and avoid interacting with the family for hours.

Some young people with depression sleep longer each day, change their eating patterns, and even start acting out in risky ways. For example, other signs of teen depression include:

  • Lack of interest and concentration problems
  • Pain, headaches, stomach aches, and fatigue
  • Decision making problems
  • Sadness, anxiety, and hopelessness
  • Guilty feelings without cause
  • Irresponsibility and rebellion

Teens with depression often focus on concepts of pain. Moreover, their grades usually drop and they withdraw from their friends.Unfortunately, some begin abusing drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism.

Depression often starts between the ages of 15 and 30. Furthermore, the mental illness runs in families, particularly in teens with a family history of depression.

Does Your Child Need Teen Depression Treatment in Canada?

Medical professionals can diagnose your teen if he or she suffers depression. Additionally, doctors use interviews and mental tests to find out if your child needs teen depression treatment. Sometimes, the mental health counsellor speaks with family members, peers, and teachers. For example, this gives them a clearer picture of what is going on behind the scenes.

These tests and talking with your teen help the healthcare providers determine whether there is a suicide risk, too. In addition, your teen may suffer anxiety or other co-occurring conditions with the depression. In some cases, there is substance abuse as your teen tries to self-medicate their symptoms.

Teen depression treatment uses many methods to help your young person feel their best. In addition, medications and talk therapy play a big role in treatment. It’s also wise to undergo family therapy to work through problems the family suffers. All of these methods and therapies come together as part of the teen depression treatment on their individual recovery plan.

If you believe your teen suffers depression, it’s critical that you gain the help you need through teen depression treatment. In fact, suicide is one major risk you should never take a chance on. Depression doesn’t grow better on its own in most circumstances. Many teens commit suicide each year, due in part to the hopelessness they feel for not getting the teen depression treatment they need.

Treatment for Your Teen’s Depression At Venture

In Ontario and Alberta, Venture Academy helps teens gain the depression treatment they deserve. If your child suffers from these problems, you should never wait in the hope it will resolve itself. For example, your young person needs specialized help including:

Through an individual treatment plan and careful assessment of your teen, Venture Academy builds the right plan to help end their depression. In only weeks, you can regain the young person you miss, with excitement about their daily life and future.

Treatment facilities in Red Deer and Barrie are available through Venture Academy. Therefore, the first step to getting help starts with a call to Venture Academy. Call our friendly staff today at 866.762.2211 to learn more about programs and treatment methods.