Military school for troubled teens.Parents are often drawn to military school for troubled teens in hopes that the “discipline” that is central to their focus will get their child’s behaviour in line. The “modern” version of military schools, meaning military academies outside the sole focus of training officers for war, combine education with a military theme.

Military schools typically have an academic focus and use a military code of rules, regulation, structure, discipline, and a level system. Military schools are not solely for problematic teens, although they do have a history of admitting and educating at-risk youth.

What are the Benefits of a Military School for Troubled Teens?

  • Rigid, strict discipline
  • Highly structured, regimented environment
  • An emphasis on physical fitness
  • Traditional or advanced academic program
  • An emphasis on leadership skills and following an honor code

What are the Downfalls of a Military School for Troubled Teens

While different military schools provide their own systems, programs and education are typically not individualized and there is typically no assessment, recognition, or accommodation for students with diagnosed disorders, such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, Aspergers, etc. All youth get the same programming and same reward/consequence system. Just like the military, this is appealing to some parents.

There is typically no treatment specifically for students with any challenges or problems. Therefore, some students continue to suffer and decline, even with the structure. The focus in military schools is discipline, which appeals to us as parents. Students, however, are not necessarily learning how to manage their emotions and behaviours. Nor do they think responsibly and independently.

We provide an alternative to the military school experience. Furthermore, many teens sink further into depression or social isolation as a result of never being able to earn rewards at military schools and just accumulating infractions, which leaves them out of fun activities and trips that other students were earning. Remember – military schools are NOT just for problematic teens. Therefore, many teens fall behind as the other kids have success. Of course, some teens do well at military school. However, assessing and knowing which will and which will not is difficult.

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Venture Academy is not only an alternative to military schools in Canada. We can serve as a starting point for youth to address pre-existing behavioral issues. As a result, they have the preparation to handle the structure and discipline that a military school provides. Having a thorough assessment followed by focused treatment of emotional and/or behavioral issues helps parents make the “next school” decision, and can help the student be ready for the rigors of a traditional military school, and enjoy the benefits they can provide. For more information, call us today at 1-866-762-2211.