a girl is frustrated with her learning disabilities

Common Learning Disabilities in Teens

The Learning Disability Association of Ontario reported that 4.9% of school-age children have learning disabilities. However, many children go undiagnosed because few people are aware of the common learning disorders in children and teens. If you believe you have a teen who may be struggling with a learning disorder, contact Venture Academy by calling 855.281.5813

a teen struggles with video game addiction

Recognizing Signs of Video Game Addiction

No one knows precisely what addictive quality there is in gaming. However, some theories suggest that completing a game releases dopamine that improves mood and provides an energy rush. It is the same neurotransmitter that occurs in other addictive behaviours. If your teen has an obsessive preoccupation with gaming, you may have reason to be…

teen outside feeling positive self esteem

5 Ways to Improve Teen Self-Esteem

Issues with self-esteem can affect anyone, but teenagers are particularly susceptible. For instance, teenagers worldwide suffer from mental health problems that stem from low self-esteem. Nevertheless, there are many ways to improve teen self-esteem, from professional help to things you can implement at home. Learn more about how to improve teen self-esteem and reach out…

a girl struggling with what causes depression in teens

What Causes Depression in Teens? Addressing Adolescent Depression

While it’s normal for adolescents to experience bad moods, most will quickly bounce back and return to a normal state. When teens are sad, feel hopeless, and withdraw for a period of weeks, or longer, they could be experiencing depression. These negative feelings can become a significant disruption in daily life that affects behaviour, school…