how addictive is social media

How Addictive Is Social Media?

Social media use that harms someone’s life may be suspected as social media addiction. This type of addiction is a relatively new field of study, so research is limited but ongoing. Still, experts have begun identifying signs and symptoms that point to this becoming classified as an addiction. Teens are especially vulnerable to social media…

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boy dealing with cyberbullying

6 Signs of Cyberbullying

With the prominence of the smartphone and tablet computers, many parents are concerned about cyberbullying. Teens are likely to encounter this issue at some point: 95% of teens are online, and 37% of them have experienced cyberbullying. Discover some of the signs of cyberbullying in teens, and reach out for help from Venture Academy today.…

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Radio Canada

Interview with VA Parent (IN FRENCH)
Aug 25, 2015

CBC Podcast

Interviews with teens, parents, and Venture Academy staff