Daily Success

95% of parents agree that their child is doing better and has improved with their schoolwork while attending Venture Academy!

94% of the students themselves agree as well!

Our day consists of academic learning and activities that focus on co-operation and structured socialization designed for emotional growth and academic success. We look for the “teachable moment,” during formal and informal instruction. When controversial issues emerge, our teachers address these situations and support students in problem solving and learning from the struggle. We do not believe our approach is alternative, but rather, an approach that is reflective of excellent teaching. Our teachers are part of a multidisciplinary team that includes onsite clinical staff. We believe in a collaborative environment that is supportive of the whole child. Beyond this, we believe in making learning fun and whenever possible look for opportunities to catch students doing well.

Teacher’s Role

Our teachers are provincially certified and experienced in working with struggling teens with learning and behavioural challenges. We help our students with any outstanding school work or start fresh with new courses. Our teachers develop a specialized learning plan for each student. Individualized teaching approaches are applied for each student’s particular learning style as identified through the psycho-educational assessment. By building on the interests of our students and making their learning engaging, we believe that education can bolster self-confidence and set a clear direction for the future. Our teaching methodologies focus on individualized educational needs with low student teacher ratios. When relevant, our teachers go back to address learning gaps to prepare students for new concepts. We bring the student together with the curriculum at the student’s independent level of readiness. Along the way, the teacher is addressing time management and learning strategies. Our teachers work with small class sizes, maximizing time with each student.

Please contact us if your teen is struggling at a public school or boarding school.

Venture Academy serves troubled teens or struggling teens who may have ADD, ADHD, ODD, Aspergers, and other diagnosed disorders and learning difficulties.

a young teen boy talks to a counsellor while she does her assessment and planning

Assessment & Planning

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Daily Success

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For Teachers

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Spring Semester

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Summer Semester