Who attends Venture Academy’s spring or summer semester?

At Venture Academy, it is our belief that all struggling students can do better. Many students have been struggling only recently due to a change in focus, change in peer relationships, drug and alcohol use, and/or underlying conflict at home. Some students may have had more lengthy historical challenges and have seldom, if ever, hav been able to demonstrate their full potential.

Whatever your child’s circumstances are, or whatever the reasons for your child’s current situation, our program and Student Success Teachers are here to help.

We serve a student population who are or may be:

  • not completing homework on time
  • not completing homework at all
  • skipping class
  • showing a lack of interest in school
  • poor academic performance
  • under suspension
  • on the verge of expulsion or is expelled
  • learning difficulties such as ADHD, ODD,
  • behavioural problems getting in the way of education
  • and students who are underachieving and have more potential than they are demonstrating

Common goals for families of students attending our program may be:

  • completion of outstanding work
  • graduation to the next grade level
  • accessing a specialized program to meet the individual needs of their child
  • acceptance back into their current school after a suspension
  • educational upgrading and behavioural stabilization enabling student acceptance into a boarding school

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