Let our Student Success Teachers help your child finish the work required to complete the school year and graduate to the next grade.

The spring is the time of year that many students become distracted and stray from the focus required to remain in class and stay on top of their studies. The enticement of warm weather, apathetic peers, luring parties and idle time can quickly escalate into a situation that becomes self-destructive. It puts coursework, the current semester, or even the entire school year in jeopardy. Venture Academy can help.

Educational Solution:

The primary goal of Venture Academy during the Spring Semester is to assist your child in completing any outstanding schoolwork that is necessary to graduate from their current grade. Our Student Success Teachers assist your child to make up for lost time. We conduct an assessment that will tell us how your child learns and processes information as it pertains to the classroom setting and other learning environments. Our teachers support your son or daughter in a manner that will maximize their time with us according to the educational priorities as identified by you and your child’s existing school.

The Venture Academy Advantage:

  • Executive Function Assessment that informs us and you about how your child learns – and gives our team a head start with your child (full psycho-educational assessment available with our 30-day program)
  • Teachers with specialized training and experience in working with students with behavioural challenges, learning difficulties, and diagnosed disorders (ADHD, Dyslexia, Conduct Disorder, Opposition Defiant Disorder etc.)
  • Low student-to-staff ratio with plenty of 1-1 time as needed
  • Ability to work with existing school to complete their agenda and outstanding work

If your child is the verge of losing educational credit we can help.

Feel free to have your child’s teacher, counsellor, or vice principal call us.
Helping troubled teens in Canada as an alternative education program since 2001.

a young teen boy talks to a counsellor while she does her assessment and planning

Assessment & Planning

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Daily Success

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For Teachers

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Spring Semester

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Summer Semester