Research shows that behavioural interventions with students result in improved academic performance by allowing them to address concerns and focus more fully on their academics (Brigman & Campbell, 2003).

As an educator or school administrator, you care and want to help. In fact, your school has tried to help already. Sometimes however individual students experienced difficulties despite all that is offered. Behaviours emerge that are disruptive, disturbing or destructive; unfortunately, the behaviours cannot be altered with the resources at hand. Schools can only do so much. The student struggles and other students are affected. The situation can take a toll on the individual student, the school and the student body.

Often schools are left with few options other than to suspend or even expel the student: teachers are left wondering how or even if the student will be able to continue with their studies. Venture Academy can help. If you know us already and know enough about us to determine that our program can be of assistance to a student you know, consider us an option.
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Help for Struggling Students May Be Needed When:

  • Disruptive behaviours in class
  • Inability to focus or get things done
  • Resisting homework completion
  • Not fitting in on campus
  • Alcohol or drug involvement
  • School forced to contact parent
  • Inordinate amount of time spent by school administration
  • School supports and resources depleting without success
  • Suspension considered or in progress

Education Intervention Structure

Assessment: a process that assesses for and eliminates possibilities that may be contributing to the problem. Results that inform as to how the student learns, complete with recommendations and student-specific educational intervention plans that our teachers implement that can be passed on to you as educators.

Continued Education: completion of schoolwork with the individual assistance of experienced and certified teachers specializing in challenging student populations. Initiation and completion of new courses to make up for lost credit if required.

Support and Supervision Structure: Low student-to-staff ratio with 24 hour residential support structure supported by our skilled and experienced education and clinical team. Nice balance of physical activity and recreational opportunities to complement academic focus.

Common Reasons for Enrolling:

  • completion of outstanding work
  • accessing a specialized program to meet the individual student needs
  • getting back into their current school after a suspension
  • educational upgrading and behavioural stabilization enabling the student’s acceptance into a boarding school

School psychologists, school counsellors, physicians, social workers, teachers and school administrators have recommended Venture Academy. Venture Academy has helped many children of educators themsleves. Venture Academy has been successfully helping troubled teens as a boarding school alternative from across Canada since 2001.

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Assessment & Planning

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