You have taken your child to therapy, school guidance counselors, and every parenting strategy imaginable. You might then feel at a loss for helping your teenager. When teens begin to struggle with mental health, academic, and behaviour issues, there is often a demand for a personalized solution that most people don’t know how to provide. Getting help all starts with psycho-educational assessment evaluations from a licensed professional.

Academic tests and school programs benefit greatly from these applications. Learning how each student processes and uses information in different subject areas can lead to a more refined and compassionate teaching approach.

These tests help get a peek into the way a teenager’s mind works. Therefore, they give professionals the information they need to make a treatment program that is designed for each teen. Parents feel more informed, and teens feel more understood. That way, a therapist can begin to address underlying problems that are leading to negative behaviours and poor academic performance.

a young woman taking a psyhco-educational assessmentHow a Psycho-Educational Assessment Benefits Your Child

Your child will be evaluated by a professional in a safe, supportive environment. They can then begin to show their true abilities without fear of failure or being judged. A good assessment explores how and why teens think the way they do. Rather than simply testing whether or not they can do something, it’s important to know the way they process information and act on it.

Psycho-educational tests explore various aspects of learning and comprehension including:

  • Information processing
  • Attention span
  • Cognitive thinking
  • Executive functioning
  • Social and emotional functioning

With the results of the evaluation, your teen can then receive the specialized care they will need. This will help them to face their greatest struggles. Through the Venture Academy’s customized treatment plans, your child can begin to see and value their strengths. They can also make improvements to their biggest problem areas.

Substance Abuse Psycho-Educational Assessment

Teenage substance abuse can have permanent effects on your child’s development. Intervention requires identifying ways that your child uses substances, what emotional benefits the substances provide, and setting goals that your child feels genuinely invested in.

Teens who go through our substance abuse treatment program are given the opportunity to grow through a variety of therapeutic models. Some of our specializations include:

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Executive Functioning Management
  • Depression and Anxiety Psychotherapy

We offer behavioural programs for teens who are struggling emotionally and mentally. Some people may assume that teenagers are only acting out because they want to, but the reality is often much more complex. Teens use behaviour as an outlet for inner turmoil. The safe, structured environment at Venture Academy gives them a chance to work through their problems with a compassionate clinical team. The team models and teaches empathy, self-compassion, and understanding.

A Psycho-Educational Assessment Helps the Whole Family

Teenagers often feel alone in their struggles, even if they come from a close family. Behavioural and mental health problems lead to conflict. This only reinforces feelings of worthlessness and isolation a teenager might be feeling. In order to ensure long-term success, we make sure that every treatment plan incorporates healthy communication, love, and support among their families.

Learning how to turn to others for comfort and assistance is one of the most important lessons teens can learn. As they get older, being able to be vulnerable and open with others will enable them to become emotionally stronger. They will be able to form deep, healthy relationships.

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