My name is M.A, and I attended Venture Academy from November 2016 until about March 2017. Although it may not be the most “fun” place, I struggle to look back and not remember some good times. I remember how tough it seemed at first, I did not believe that I needed the program; I didn’t need to be sober. I look back at the old me, and the only thing that comes to mind is what a bum I was. Venture straightened me out. Before Venture Academy, I was fighting all the time, doing hard drugs and stealing from family, friends and strangers alike. On the path that I was heading down, there was no future in sight. I did a lot of stuff that I would take back in a heartbeat. But, today I lie in a bed located in Athens, Greece; earning some credits abroad. I am now almost 11 months sober, being one year clean on November 8th. I am in better physical shape than I have ever been thanks to the CrossFit regiment we followed as a class, and I am now an avid kick-boxer. It is a hobby I have grown very passionate about. The relationship I have with all of my family members has improved exponentially, and we as a family have happily moved on with our lives towards a new horizon. While at Venture my parents gave me the news, my friends, without divulging into details, were arrested and being held without bail. They faced serious charges. The situation that led to their arrest was a daily occurrence in my past life. I realized that if I had not been at Venture I’d be past a threshold beyond return. That was a major turning point in my life, and thanks to the all the staff members at Venture, and the love and support of my family, swell as my host family, I am now a proud young man with new found goals and ambitions. To all parents considering getting their child help, Venture is a great option, and is 100% recommend by me.