When your teen is struggling with mental health problems, you need experienced help. Venture Academy provides this accredited teen mental health treatment using methods proven through success stories since 2001. These methods include counselling, therapies, experiential learning, emotional growth support, life skills coaching, academic education and physical activities. This combined approach enables your teen to improve, grow and thrive for positive life change and healthier family relationships.

Mental Health Treatment For Teens

Canada's Best Mental Health Treatment For Troubled TeensResidential teen mental health treatment at Venture Academy includes intensive counselling, educational services, and support for teenagers experiencing clinically diagnosed mental illness.  Teens learn to work past their troubles, better managing life at home, school and in the community.

Signs of teen behavioural issues include:

Several channels of care, support and education provide your teen with the mental health treatment they need. These channels include individualized treatment planning which provides for prioritization of the family, individual therapy, group therapy, scheduled school activities, fitness, recreational activities and personal growth modules.

Through the right mental health treatment, teens like yours get their lives back on track. They make positive changes and build stronger, more positive relationships with their parents. Indeed, your teen can become confident, healthy, prosperous and responsible for mental health treatment.

Who benefits from teen mental health treatment at Venture Academy?

Teen treatment follows individualized treatment plans at Venture Academy locations in Alberta and Ontario. Even more, these include young people with behavioural challenges, emotional difficulties and a variety of problems. Many young people gaining help from Venture Academy experience school, family, social and general life disruptions due to unhealthy behaviours, often seen as being out of control.

Your teen will get the help they need from the medical team at Venture Academy for those suffering mental health issues, emotional problems or clinically diagnosed disorders. Diagnosis symptoms may include depression, anxiety, self-harm, low self-esteem, poor self-concept, attention deficit disorder, among others.

During treatment, clients receive specialized treatment for those with a history of underachieving, family problems, learning difficulties, school suspensions, substance abuse, legal issues, negative relationships, clinically diagnosed disorders, problems with electronic device usage and other significant behavioural or mental health problems.

How Mental Health Programs Help Teens

Behavioural therapy sessions are beneficial to teens. In individual counselling and group therapies teens address their symptoms, thoughts, habits, beliefs, behaviours and feelings. Therapists help teens understand, address, learn to accept and cope with their mental illness. Similarly, this means treating individuals with mental illness and the other problems affecting their lives at the same time.

Your teen will learn healthy habits and coping skills for dealing with stress, triggers and temptations. They learn positive ways of coping with stress and add whole person wellness to their lifestyle.

If your teen requires medication for mental illness, the process of finding the right medication and dosing can be complicated. At Venture Academy, your young person gains the support of knowledgeable, caring professionals helping to make the process as efficient and painless as possible.

The best news for you, as a parent, is that your teen is not alone during treatment. One in five adolescents experience a mental illness, but only half of these gain the help they need. Most noteworthy, when receiving advice from Venture Academy, your teen learns about their mental illness and how to enjoy a more productive life.

Canada’s Top Mental Health Treatment For Teens

Certainly, your teen is at a critical stage of his or her life. Furthermore, this is a time when they discover who they are and what they want for their future as a productive adult. This is also a time when untreated mental illness can derail that future. Lastly, this is why your teen needs behavioural treatment and other help through one of Venture Academy’s quality programs.

Venture Academy treatment programs include:

At Venture Academy, your whole family gets back on track and regains a healthier, happier teen full of hope for the future. Visit our resourceful troubled teen dictionary or blog for more information. Call Venture Academy today at 866.762.2211.