At Venture Academy, we recognize that pre-teens have unique developmental needs that are quite different than those of teenagers. In response, we have developed a program that supports their specific emotional, social, academic and behavioural needs. While the programming follows a similar outline as compared to our “struggling teens” program, the interventions and day-to-day assistance is uniquely designed and specialized to meet the needs of this age group in particular.

Pre Teen Program and Counselling BenefitsOverall Pre teen program and pre teen counselling.

Parents are especially concerned when behaviours at this age are not controllable and not responding to the approaches and interventions suggested by school or community professionals. To make matters worse, many parents report having difficulty even finding help for kids this age or if they are engaged in “help” it’s just not working often leading to more frustration and turmoil in the family home. Parents are correct with their concern that when behavioral issues are encountered this early, it will negatively impact their child’s healthy development as they continue through adolescence.

We know from research that the earlier one can intervene with problematic behaviors, the better the outcome, both for the short and long-term. If school official and counsellor recommendations aren’t working and the situation is not improving, parents may wish to consider a more all-encompassing, more effective approach. Venture Academy is available, now, to help pre-teens.

With the goal of breaking the cycle of troubling behaviours and replacing them with more positive and healthy decisions and relationships, Venture Academy provides a safe, caring and sensitive environment combined with experienced and compassionate therapeutic support. Our focus is also not just on the child, but also on the parents and family, so that the entire family receives the help they need.

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Pre-teens at Venture Academy benefit from a small, structured, supervised environment, with activities and approaches specifically geared for the social, emotional and attentional needs of children this age. They have the benefit of being in normalizing environments in our pre teen counselling program that look more home-like and school-based rather than a harsh institutional or hospital based environment. And although the focus is to address the behavioural concerns that brought them to Venture, it’s also important for kids to be happy and enjoy age appropriate healthy activities instead of screen time and other unhealthy behaviours. Our staff are sensitive, caring, and experienced professionals, who respond to each child as they would expect someone to treat their own child.

All of the pre teen counselling and therapeutic work at Venture Academy is done individually, rather than in groups, so as to insulate kids from being exposed to the negative experiences or behaviourally history of others. Academic work is also individualized allowing each student to work at his or her own pace, receiving as much support as he or she needs from our teaching staff.

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