Recreational therapy is one avenue of treatment that can address many of the serious complications that arise from addiction. However, what does this form of therapy involve? What are the benefits to treat addiction problems?

What is Recreational Therapy?Recreational therapy benefits

Recreational therapy covers a wide variety of therapeutic interventions that address a person’s emotional, social, physical, and mental needs. Moreover, it’s often used in rehabilitation settings to allow people to experience a deeper level of self-understanding and healing.

Common Elements of Effective Recreational Therapy

Recreational therapy can involve many unique elements that come together to promote a healthy body and mind. For example, the list below covers common elements of this form of treatment.

Musical Expression

Singing, learning to play an instrument, and other musical endeavors can be healing forms of therapy.

Sports and Games

Sports and games that involve participation with others can boost self-esteem, build trust, and promote healthy social skills.

Arts and Crafts

Creative expression can also be very healing. In fact, many people enjoy the experience of creating something with their own hands. This could include drawing, painting, sculpting, sewing, and a number of other activities.

Dramatic Expression

Acting is also a common form of creative expression in a treatment setting. Specifically, drama-related activities can allow people to gain a deeper understanding and acceptance of themselves.

Benefits of Recreational Therapy

Recreational therapy offers many different benefits when it comes to addiction treatment. However, an effective treatment plan will include other modalities, such as:

Additional Treatment Options

Holistic therapy involves much more than leisure. In fact, treatment centers that focus on a holistic approach often offer therapies centered around improving one’s physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual life. Furthermore, these vast options can include many different activities that impact a person’s total well-being.

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