Are you feeling stuck? Maybe you’ve struggled to handle college or get a job. Maybe your relationships with family and friends are deteriorating. Maybe you’ve become isolated or unsure about the future.

You might have already been to therapy or even a treatment program, yet nothing is changing. You may feel frustrated, angry, or even hopeless, and the thought of more treatment may be overwhelming.

At Brighter Horizons, you are not alone. We are experienced in engaging young men just like you in treatment and recovery in our treatment program for troubled young adults aged 19-25. For more information about our program for troubled young adults and how we can help, contact Venture Academy at 866.762.2211 or online.

Who We Support

When you arrive at Brighter Horizons, you’ll find other young adult guys, ages 19 to 25, who struggle with a range of mental health challenges, substance abuse, or some other struggle that has been a hindrance to achieving independence. But they’re all there to get better and move on with their lives.

These issues may have started in adolescence, or they may have just begun to interfere with your life.

We’ll work with you to determine what is preventing you from making a successful transition to adulthood, deal with it, and help you develop a path forward. We’re here to help you move forward toward your goals.

What to Expect

Some guys arrive feeling self-conscious, unsure, and anxious. That is natural. We’ll help you get settled and feeling comfortable as quickly as possible so that you can begin to build your new life.

The program occurs in two locations. You begin at a comfortable home near Barrie, Ontario, where you and the other guys will be living in the same house, along with a full-time support specialist. You’ll have your own room, so please feel free to personalise it. You’ll help with choosing the menu, grocery shopping, and preparing meals, as well as pitching in to help with all the usual household tasks and working together to keep the place clean and tidy. Together you’ll plan activities and what you want to do on the weekends. It’s not all work and therapy—there will be an emphasis on having fun and having some downtime.

During the weekdays, as a group, you’ll hop in the van and head to our picturesque 7-acre campus in a rural setting, with a few buildings completely surrounded by trees for privacy. Here you will participate in groups together with a counsellor (see more about groups below), meet with the therapist and participate in other activities that are consistent with overcoming current challenges and planning for future independence.

We will help you define your goals, create a plan that makes achieving those goals possible, and even develop a wellness plan to keep you focused on your goals after you leave the program. Goals may include help with activities of daily living, education, vocational/work, recreation and fitness, and independent living.

More About Groups

Most report that the groups are the most helpful and relevant to them. We have two types of groups; the first being a psycho-educational group, which is topic-related and facilitated by a counsellor. We cover things such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Mood
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-care
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Resistance
  • Values and beliefs
  • Barriers to success
  • Communication
  • Social skills
  • Relapse prevention (emotional and/or substance-related)
  • Coping skills
  • Self-confidence
  • Relationships with yourself and others
  • How to be a successful, contributing member of the community

The other type of group is called a process group, and these are discussion groups where you can share your own personal experiences and thoughts while the other guys will do so as well, with the goal of finding help and support from one another.

Contact Venture Academy With Questions About Our Brighter Horizons Young Adult Program Today

Seeking help like this is a big decision. Call us at 866.762.2211, and we’ll answer any questions you have. We can also help you determine if Brighter Horizons is a good fit for you. We’ll help you with the review and admission process if it is. You can also make inquiries via our online contact form.

We’re dedicated to making your stay with us result in a real, long-term difference in your life. We want you to leave Brighter Horizons with a better understanding of your challenges and confidence in your ability to sustain your progress and continue on the positive path you started here. Simply, we want you to leave Brighter Horizons with a brighter future!