The Internet is a wonderful technological advancement responsible for adding convenience and knowledge to our lives. However, sometimes people become compulsive in their use of the Internet. In fact, they spend so much time on the web that they become addicted and suffer negative consequences in other parts of their lives. If you teen suffers Internet addiction, you need help from a quality Internet addiction treatment program.

One of the biggest problems with Internet addiction is the wide availability of the addiction’s “substance.” Unlike drug addiction, as part of which people struggle to obtain their illegal fix, the Internet provides a legal “fix” everywhere. Therefore, helping your teen becomes incredibly difficult. This is particularly true since teachers, routine daily activities, and even some household appliances require Internet use.

So how can you help your teen or young adult work past this addiction? You need a clear understanding of their addiction problem. You also need help from professionals who understand your teen’s addiction.

Is Internet Addiction Real?

Mom concerned that her daughter may need Internet addiction treatmentLike gambling or eating disorders, Internet addiction is a real problem. Psychologists today define Internet addiction as compulsive Internet use despite knowing that it causes other problems in your life. Similar to other addictions, Internet addiction disorder involves real symptoms, tolerance, and even withdrawal. For your teen, stopping Internet use proves as difficult as someone with drug dependence walking away from their substances.

In many ways, Internet addiction is more difficult to monitor than drug use. WiFi hotspots and simple devices link your teen to the web almost everywhere they go. This is why your teen needs specialized help from quality troubled teen programs of Venture Academy.

What Are the Signs of Internet Addiction?

All forms of addiction come with symptoms. For Internet addiction, those symptoms include:

  • Excessive or constant focus on the Internet
  • Secretive online use
  • Irritability or negative mood when asked about web use
  • Euphoria when using the Internet
  • Restlessness when not using the Internet
  • Repeated unsuccessful attempts to quit using the web
  • Isolation from others and avoidance of favorite activities

Having two or more of these signs could mean that your teen suffers from an Internet addiction.

Internet Addiction Treatment

Accredited Internet addiction treatment programs show proven results for helping teens overcome their issues. In these programs, therapy plays a major role.

Your teen’s addiction is really a symptom of another problem. Common problems leading to addiction like this include bad relationships, childhood abuse, self-esteem issues, or trauma. Many teens also feel pressured by the many changes they go through in their lives, turning to the web for escape.

Internet addiction treatment at Venture Academy starts with a 30-day assessment and intervention. This assessment helps treatment professionals guide your teen into the level of care best suited to their needs. It also helps your teen understand their problem better so real healing can begin.

The Role of Counselling in Internet Addiction Treatment

Counselling plays a major role during Venture Academy’s treatment for electronic addiction. This counselling includes:

  • Individual therapy
  • Behavioural counselling
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Educational sessions
  • Fitness and recreation
  • Skills development

With locations in Alberta and Ontario, Venture Academy offers accredited Internet addiction treatment at a location near you. You don’t need to struggle with your teen’s behavioural addiction anymore. The right help exists at Venture Academy. Call us today at *DM_DirectNumber format=period orig=(855) 281-5813* to help your teen get the fresh start they deserve.