Here’s a helpful tool to assist you as a parent in determining whether there is a problem or not.

How much is too much? When does it help and when does it harm?

  • You have checked out of boxes. If you've answered yes to any number of these questions your child may have a gaming addiction.

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a concerned mom reassures a young girl as she listens to what parents are saying

What Parents Are Saying

a male at a computer with headset on intensely plays video games displaying the top ten signs of gaming addiction

Top Ten Signs of Gaming Addiction

two pairs of hands hold gaming controllers while clasped hands in background reflect someone giving the gaming addiction self test

Gaming and Internet Addiction Self Test

a girl holds a video game controller not understanding gaming addiction

Understanding Gaming/Internet Addiction

two male teens laugh and play video games before getting a gaming addiction diagnosis

Gaming Addiction Diagnosis

a girl sits in a window looking outside and thinking about the adverse effects of teen gaming

Adverse Effects of Teen Gaming

a young girl getting help

Getting Help for Gaming Addiction