Is teenage smartphone addiction a real thing? It really depends on who people ask. After all, some teens are on their smartphones eight or more hours a day. That’s enough to send any parent looking for a teen smartphone addiction treatment program in Canada.

What Is Teen Smartphone Addiction Treatment Canada Offers?Teen Smartphone Addiction Treatment Program in Canada Today

Smartphone addiction isn’t an official disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). However, many psychologists believe that smartphone addiction is a real illness. In fact, they say that nearly any activity has the potential to cause addiction. The risk increases as people spend more time doing the activity.

Take a look at the possibility of smartphone addiction. With some teens on their phones for more than eight hours a day, the potential for addiction is there. However, other signs and symptoms show evidence that smartphone addiction is real.

For example, some teens can’t go more than five minutes without checking their phones or social media. The need to check becomes an impulsive habit. Without their phones, they start to feel incomplete. This level of dependence is why many experts want smartphone addiction to be in the DSM-5.

How Can a Teen Smartphone Addiction Treatment Program in Canada Help?

It’s pretty apparent to parents that teen smartphone addiction is real. How can electronic addiction treatment programs help them overcome this problem? Like with any addiction, getting teens to admit that they have a problem is the first step. However, these programs take it much further than that.

In order to help teens see the problem, these programs typically start with education about addiction. During this step, teens learn about the pitfalls and dangers of spending too much time on their phones. These pitfalls include the emotional, physical and academic problems that it can create.

Next, a teen smartphone addiction treatment program in Canada helps them create a plan. The goal is to give them a guide that they can follow to overcome smartphone addiction. Also, it helps them strike a fine balance between using a phone and overusing it.

These programs also teach parents the importance of monitoring teen phone use within the family. Like people who have drug addictions, teens with smartphone addiction look for moments of opportunity. This typically means that they jump on their phones when eyes aren’t on them.

A teen smartphone addiction program teaches parents and other family members the benefits of family monitoring. Many mobile apps are available to help parents monitor their teens’ phone usage. These apps make the monitoring process easier.

Turn to Venture Academy for Help

While some behavioral treatment centers don’t recognize smartphone addiction, Venture Academy does. We understand how dangerous smartphone addiction can be. For that reason, we offer programs to help teens overcome addiction in healthy and productive ways.

However, parents contact us for more than just smartphone addiction help. Venture Academy also offers teen programs such as:

Don’t let electronic devices lead to problems for your teen. Find out if a teen smartphone addiction treatment program in Canada is right for your child. Contact Venture Academy today at 866.762.2211 for more information about how we can help.