As you try again and again to set your troubled teen on the right track, you may feel like you’re at your wit’s end. Thankfully, you and your teen don’t have to face these behavioural challenges alone. Part of being a good parent is knowing when to ask for help. And customized services at a professional behavioural treatment centre may be just what your family needs.

a happy teen receiving customized servicesCustomized Services for Your Teen

No single treatment fits all, so at Venture Academy, we provide a variety of services geared toward many challenges. Our services include:

  • 30-Day assessment and intervention
  • Behaviour solutions
  • Drug and alcohol treatment
  • Education
  • Electronic dependence

In-depth Look at Our Customized Services

30-Day Assessment and Intervention

This period allows us to understand the complexities of your teen’s behaviour fully. Many parents whose teens are in the midst of a crisis take advantage of this option as a safe way to avoid escalation. With our 24-hour support and supervision, your child’s safety and well-being are constantly monitored. They have ample space to unwind in a setting where they’re separated from many of their stressors and triggers. In coordination with parents, we develop a behaviour treatment plan that makes the most sense for your family’s situation.

Behaviour Solutions

Employing a mix of counselling, experiential learning, physical activity, and other impactful therapies. We guide your teen toward healthy behaviours to bridge the gap between teens and parents. We deal with a variety of behavioural problems, and we combine the best therapeutic methods to address your teen’s individual needs and challenges. Troublesome behaviour is often a sign of a deeper issue, so we work to understand the root causes of their behavioural patterns and redirect their energy toward a more positive outcome.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Your teen’s brain is still developing, but drug and alcohol use can slow or stop their natural mental growth. Interrupted mental development often causes cognitive, behavioural, emotional, and social issues that may put your teen at a serious disadvantage later in life. Drug and alcohol use also puts the liver, kidneys, heart, and other important organs in danger. People tend to take dangerous risks under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and these behaviours can lead to injury, disease, or death. Our drug and alcohol treatment program is specifically designed to address the root of the problem and help your teen overcome substance dependence.


The traditional classroom setting can be very stressful for some students. At Venture Academy, we work with teens who struggle in school by putting together a professional curriculum tailored to their situation. We teach core subjects. So that your teen can earn the credits that they need to graduate as soon as possible. By breaking the pattern of academic struggle, your teen will be more ready to take charge of their education.

Electronic Dependence

The occasional game or show isn’t terrible, but when taken to the extreme, the instant gratification from these activities often leads to a harmful cycle of dependence. Over-attachment to screens and electronic devices can be seriously detrimental to your teen’s social life, mental development, and family relationships. After assessing your teen’s individual needs, our qualified professionals help teens develop strategies to limit their use of electronic devices and shift their focus toward healthier behaviours.

Benefits of Our Customized Services

A custom treatment plan put together by experienced behavioural professionals can benefit your teen by:

  • Uncovering potential trauma and personal difficulties in a safe, caring environment
  • Setting up a routine
  • Developing healthy everyday habits
  • Identifying the causes of stress and unhappiness
  • Coming up with an effective aftercare regimen
  • Implementing behaviour treatment without blame, aggression, or negativity
  • Providing a safe space to deal with personal troubles

Help Is Available

A person’s teenage experience has a huge influence on their future success. Substance dependence and behavioural issues that aren’t treated in this important time are likely to follow your teen into adulthood. Hurting their prospects. If you think that your teen could benefit from professional treatment, then consider calling Venture Academy at 866.762.2211. With facilities in Red Deer, Alberta and Barrie, Ontario, we can help you assess your teen’s needs and develop the right treatment plan.