In Province or Out-of-Province Resources

Our clients come to us from across Canada.
We have two Canadian residential locations to choose from:

  1. Red Deer, Alberta (rural)
  2. Barrie, Ontario (rural)

Our agency understands that those responsible for client care must sometimes look outside their local region and occasionally even out-of-province. Local resources may have been exhausted or there is simply nothing available that will meet the client’s needs.

Venture Academy accepts inter-regional and out-of-province referrals as a support to those jurisdictions that may not have available or suitable residential resources in their area.

Out-of-province clients have historically made up nearly half of our admissions with our private sector and government funded clients. Inter-regional and inter-provincial logistics is part of our everyday protocol. It is not unusual for us and in fact we pride ourselves in making the transition seamless. Venture Academy is a national resource that accepts youth from every corner of our country.

Safe Environments

Resource workers engage us for the same reason many parents do – to get the child out of their local community and away from unsafe and dangerous influences that surround them. Youth need to break free from their negatively entrenched behavioural patterns and stand little chance of doing so if they remain in their current environment despite local supports that may be in place.

Comprehensive Services

Venture Academy provides more than just placement into residential treatment programs. Once your client is in our care the coordination of services is arranged in-house. Assessment, treatment, education and other behaviour treatment services are provided largely by our own clinical, education and front-line staff. Outside of connecting with home-based professionals such as the referral source or probation, the case management we do is internal. As an organization that was founded on serving the private-paying consumer we could not wait to access other community services. Parents expect Venture Academy to provide the quality services they demanded. Our team of clinicians, educators and frontline staff deliver on that expectation. There is no additional drain on local government resources such as social workers, probation or public schools – they’ll thank you for that.

We Provide:

  • ASSESSMENT: psycho-educational, forensic, FASD, ASD other
  • TREATMENT: standardized or custom planning
  • EDUCATION: teachers specializing in youth with learning disabilities
  • SHORT OR LONG TERM: per diem rates, month to month commitments

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