For Contract Managers

Venture Academy is an effective and fiscally responsible way for Children’s Ministries, Health Authorities and Children’s Aid Societies to provide quality residential services for children in their care. Whether you are a government entity or a non-profit CAS agency on a limited budget, your dollars need to be spent wisely. Contract Managers and Executive Directors need to be seen as judicious and responsible stewards of the resources allocated to them. Engagement with Venture Academy fulfills that responsibility.

Our Agency is sensitive to the budgetary constraints of today’s governments and regional authorities especially in this economic climate. Venture Academy provides cost-effective contracting for funding sources exercising fiscal restraint and responsibility.

Partnering with Venture Academy:

  • No “seed money” or start-up costs. We’ve created the infrastructure which maintains itself through our private sector revenue saving public money and enabling us to pass on those savings to regional funding authorities.
  • Single client contracts. Engage Venture Academy one client at a time demonstrating your agency’s efficiency and government accountability. No need for expensive, multiple bed programming commitments. No paying for empty beds.
  • Individual client needs. Ability to initiate customized programming in short order due to our existing infrastructure and continuum of therapeutic services. Behavioural support and supervision through to clinically comprehensive assessment and treatment.
  • Leading edge research training and multidisciplinary case conferencing performed by members of the agency’s clinical team, all private sector employees or consultants. No strain on community resources or extra cost to government.

Placement Logistics

Prior to placement we require:

  1. completed application (48-hour application approval if eligible)
  2. service delivery agreement (as per referral source needs)
  3. funding commitment letter

Please contact us to discuss rates and services.

Call Toll Tree: 866.762.2211